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  by John_Perkowski
Mr Norman posted this in Amtrak. It actually has application in both, so I am cross-posting, verbatim. JP

Gilbert B Norman
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Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 12:09 pm Post subject: Luxotrains in the Times
I had not yet made it to the Travel section of The Times today (only made it as far as Frank Rich's column), but I learned of this material at another site:

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/12/trave ... rneys.html

Pertinent "brief passage" as regards Amtrak/GL partnership:

Even long-maligned Amtrak is getting into the act, and plans to introduce restored vintage cars on several long cross-country and Eastern Seaboard routes.

Working with Grand Luxe Rail Journeys, Amtrak is equipping the cars with lounges that feature live piano music and upscale dining cabins with uniformed waiters. The restored cars will be connected to regular Amtrak trains, but passengers from other cars will not be able to enter the upscale section.

I'd love to take the TEE Rheingold again!

I'd love to take the Trans-Siberian express RT!

Of course, when I was stationed in Germany, my idea of a weeks leave was to get a 9 day DB Rail Pass and step on the next train heading anywhere!

  by David Benton
thanks for the link , John .
Vietnam , Tibet and china / transsiberian are all on my to do list .
I keep thinking i should do them on the way to Europe , but have no real desire or reason to tour Europe again , so maybe a asian circle would be better .
Interesting they don't mention any of the Australian trains , i guess theyre not true luxury trains . More akin to the Canadian level of service , which is also not mentioned .
The Carriages used on the Bangkok - Singapore run are ex New Zealand , from an ill fated luxury service we had in the seventies , they were refurbished 20 miles from where i live . there's still a couple of shells there .