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  by Larinfei
Does anybody like traveling very much? Which country and which seasons do you like travelling best? Are there any special things attract you most or any travelogues impress you most? Here, I’d like to tell you my stories in Spain. Last summer, I’ve been to tarragona and tenerife which are the world’s best climate in summer. In tarragona, enjoying the beaches is the most comfortable leisure. The sand is fine, the water is crystal clear and balmy, The beaches are crammed with local people and tourists from morning till night. In Tenerife, I want to get out of the beach and away from the sun and just relax the classic metropolitan way, that is, I join the nightlife in Tenerife that cann’t be found in other tourist areas. The food in Tenerife is cooked in a traditional ways with international cuisine, the dishes usually accompanied by vegetable stews and fish casseroles. Don’t you think it is a meaningful trip, I not only relax, get much pleasure, the most important thing, but this trip has broadened my eyes, making me knowing much more about Spain’s cultures, history and lifestyles. Waiting for your reply.

  by Gilbert B Norman
While I'm not quite certain if you are even adressing traveling about by rail, unfortunately I am not exactly the biggest RENFE fan out there.

My first and only experience was during May 1990; first was on a journey from Bilbao to Madrid aboard a Talgo equipped train. I didn't think there was anything noteworthy about the equipment, but in a pre-9/11 world, I thought the Conductor was mighty paranoid when I chose to change seats and appeared to be a bit too interested and knowledgeable about railroad operations. Of course Spain has been dealing with Basque separatists ever since their civil way last century.

Next experience was aboard the overnight Madrid Sevilla Estrella; the ostensibly pre-booked Wagon Lit single Bedroom simply "wasn't' and I was lead back to a Couchette; even if my concerns were unfounded I thought I had been led to a holding cell. In the morning my three other "cellmates" were affable, with a Dutchman being an all language interpreter ("We are a small country we have to know everyone else's languages").

The return from Sevilla to Barcelona was aboard the overnight train (my Wagon Lit Bedroom was there at least) that was two hours late account "locomotive problems'. I misconnected with my intended Catalan Talgo and a chance to experience the wheel changes at the border.

So much for RENFE; it is a bureaucrat run organization and as far as I'm concerned shows it in its operations.

No different that Amtrak Long Distance; ride at your own risk.
  by qyqy
The scene is beautiful and the traffic is very convenient in Costa del sol. There are numbers of trains arriving at any town from Madrid. The tourists can arrive at here by sea. The Malaga port is the most important tour port. There are scheduled flights flying to the main cities at home and abroad in Malaga airport. The main tour cities are Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and so on.
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