• Transit road trip June 2006

  • Tell us where you were and what you saw!
Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by aline1969
Myself and two other Bostonians went on a 16 day road trip. Qubec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minniapolis, Davenport, Indianapolis, Dayton, Pittsburgh & Scranton. Saw tons of trains, buses, light rails ect. I have tons of pics if people want to see :)

  by David Benton
Hi , im would like to see them . however you need to link to them on another website , as theres not enough room on here to post them all on a thread .

  by Patrick A.
Hey aline1969,
Would love to see the pics. Post that link ASAP.

Cheers from a former Bostonian,

  by aline1969
I can e-mail some select pics... I don't have them up on a site. my e-mail is [email protected]