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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by John_Perkowski
During the summer of 1972, Amtrak put on a 90 day trial run of the Chief. Since Amtrak had yet to rationalize its numbering system, the trains were 19 and 20 (Santa Fe's old numbers).

5 F units on point, including 2 A units on point, MUd elephant style.

1 Baggage car

3 (I want to say, may only have been 2) hi-level coaches.

1 lounge

1 diner

1 24-8 slumbercoach

1 10-6

  by Gilbert B Norman
Likely the Amtrak redux's demise came about for the same reason that when "Chico Calls it Quits' (DPM's title for likely the most poignant piece of railroad journalism I ever read - Oct 67 TRAINS) and cut back to "The Final Four", the Grand Canyon stayed, yet the Chief went.

The only connection Amtrak offered was at Kansas City with the National Limited; that simply could hardly expect the "pull' of a connection through Chicago. The midnight LA arrival was guaranteed to connect with nothing.

At least the Santa Fe had a Chicago conection with PRR #23 Manhattan Limited and the NYC #39 North Shore Limited. One would think that a 730AM arrival at a different station for a 930A deaprture of ATSF 19 would be a "stretch", but PRR23-CUS-RTC-CDB-ATSF19 could be counted upon.

Even at "the end' schedules meant something during "railroad days".......Hello, Amtrak