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Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by Gilbert B Norman
Somehow, Mr. Deasy, I doubt if the photo you posted is contemporary.

The giveaways are 1) the Conductor's uniform 2) the passenger's or official's suit and 3) the GP unit in what would appear to be B&O livery. However, I could be mistaken and will accordingly stand corrected if so appropriate.

I must wonder if the rebuilding you noted included the floodlights. Before we are hounded by quite understandable "wazzoze" from our younger Members, perhaps you or I ought to offer explanation. On that point I defer to you.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to "see them in action" aboard B&O #5 during April 1961.
  by jhdeasy
Mr. Norman is correct.

The photo I posted is not a contemporary photo of MOONLIGHT DOME; however, it is one that I like.

The 4 floodlights, added by B&O to partially illuminate the countryside through which the car passed during the dark hours, are long gone.

Here is a more contemporary view of the car:


The roomettes (short end of the car) have been removed; this is now a dining lounge area.

A kitchen and a crew bedroom are now under the dome.

The three drawing rooms remain in the long end of the car.