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Discussion about railroad topics everywhere outside of North America.

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  by Jeff Smith
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Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary Freightliner has successfully operated a 4 624 tonne ‘jumbo train’ of aggregates from Merehead in Somerset to Acton in London, which it described as ‘the heaviest freight train currently running in the UK’. This was a trial run ahead of Freightliner taking over the haulage contract for the Mendip Rail joint venture of Hanson UK and Aggregate Industries. As the contract envisages the movement of 8 million tonnes/year, G&W’s Bulk Commercial Director for the UK/Europe Region, David Israel said ‘it was crucial that we tested the maximum haulage capability using one of our powerful Class 70 locomotives’.
United Transport & Logistics Co Eurasian Rail Alliance has reported a 34% year-on-year increase in container traffic volumes on its China – Europe route, during the first six months of 2019. Westbound traffic rose 27% to 78 268 TEU and eastbound traffic by 45% to 56 921 TEU. According to President Alexei Grom, the container trains are ‘consistently’ covering an average of 1 100 km/day, reducing the Dostyk – Brest transit time to five days, ‘and in some weeks, 4·8 days’, which is the best that the company has ever achieved.
  by David Benton
I would think freight airlines will be worried by the 5 day transit time of the Asia-Europe service. If they can get that consistent and reliable , it will boom. All that Ali Express type purchases could go by rail , and achieve their 14 day or so delivery target. Heading East , alot of perishable traffic would become viable.