• Armed mob storms Yuen Long station, Hong Kong

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  by BandA
According to Wikipedia, the MTR:
system currently includes 218.2 km (135.6 mi) of rail[3] with 159 stations, including 91 heavy rail stations and 68 light rail stops.[1] The MTR is one of the most profitable metro systems in the world; it had a farebox recovery ratio of 187 per cent in 2015, the world's highest. The MTR was ranked the #1 metro system in the world by CNN in 2017.[5]
But not for much longer! I predict profits will be down.

MTR corp ltd. is about 75% owned by the Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region, and about 25% publicly owned. Apparently MTR is only 35% of MTRCL' business.

MTR Corporation:
has obtained contracts to operate rapid transit systems in London, Stockholm, Beijing, Hangzhou, Macau, Shenzhen, Melbourne, and Sydney.
It's really fascinating-scary. I've been following this via public broadcaster RTHK' web app. Demonstrators vandalizing stations, police firing tear-gas into stations, where the tear-gas isn't supposed to be used indoors! (it says so right on the canister, enclosed area!). Alleged Triad members attacking protestors and ordinary people and reporters allegedly on behalf of the mainland government, while police waited outside until the attacks are over. Police chasing people into the stations & firing rubber bullets at them, and allegedly pepper spraying people on trains.

I haven't heard anybody say Prague Spring, but that is what this reminds me of.

As of Monday, I believe I read three stations were closed due to vandalism.

It's a little late, but MTR should have their own police force separate from the Hong Kong police.