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  by philipmartin
That engine looks familiar, Benny. We have a few GP40s where I work. Be careful. We almost got a look at the photographer in that rear view mirror. :wink:
  by NorthWest
Interesting that it is still in lease-fleet paint. Most of the pictures that we see here are from photo charters or are taken in conjunction with the railroad. It would be interesting to learn how much of the power is in the FCA scheme.
  by Benny
NorthWest wrote: It would be interesting to learn how much of the power is in the FCA scheme.
Explain me, please. I don't understand.

Ciao :wink:
  by David Benton
I think NorthWest is asking , how many locomotives are still in their original paint scheme, rather than have been painted in Peruvian colors.
  by NorthWest
Exactly. I know that there were at least some C39-8s that were still in NS or CR schemes but stored out of service or as parts units. Sorry for being unclear.
I'm familiar with the spectacular photography of Jean-Marc Frybourg and a couple others, but I think that he has help from FCA in taking them.
  by Benny
In my knowledge the only locos in NS livery are the two C 39-8 dumped at Tornamesa that I showed back in this topic. Other non standard liveries are the ones of the two SD 40s; other motive power that I've seen is in the classic FCA colours. Yes, mr. Frybourg was accompanied by railroad personnel and were organized special movements with "rare" locos.
  by Benny
Sorry, I was wrong. Just half an hour ago I saw 1030 in a blue livery but I cannot photograph it. First time for me.

Ciao :wink:
  by Benny
What we feared back in this topic happened this morning, luckily without very bad consequences.
A truck running on the Carretera Central near Santa Clara station turned to the left without watching that the sulfuric acid train was coming and hit the second tanker that derailed whilst the rest of the wagons became uncoupled.
Very very luckily there has not been leaking though traffic in the area gone crazy because of the need to close the Carretera due to the risk of chemical disaster.
And next time?

Ciao :wink:
  by philipmartin
Thank you for the news from Peru, Benny. My mother was a Peruana, that is, she was born in Lima, (a Limon if I remember what was on her birth certificate correctly.) But she was here in Los Estados Unidos by the time she was a year old.
  by Benny
Few days ago I encountered a freight train standing in Dulanto, waiting for the end of the shunting in the terminals area. The image is againt the light but it was impossible to do different.
D122 1012 a dulanto.jpg
The loco was 1012 and the driver told me that the experiment with CNG ceased because it seems that there were not benefits.
He told me that 1030 has been repainted in blue to be dedicated to the sulphuric acid trains (why?) but is generally used in the northern part of the line with the trains of mineral. I watched it only one time in Callao but I cannot photograph.

Ciao :wink:
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  by NorthWest
Nice pic! I like how the stripes look on the short hood. Down a ditch light it appears.

It looks like 1030 was painted in a Conrail tribute scheme. I can't trace the history of 1030 because in their major rebuilding unit histories got lost, but it is possible that it was a former Conrail locomotive. More likely it has to do with the president of RDC being a former Conrail guy.

Some pics online:

The dual-fuel test was interesting in that much of the impetus was not just fuel cost but the apparent lack of low-sulfur diesel in Peru.
http://www.rrdc.com/article_07_2006_fcc ... wr_RGI.pdf
The anti-corrosion effects must not have been as effective as hoped.
  by Benny
A classic sample of the railfan bad luck.
1030, the blue loco, rarely goes to Callao; this evening I saw it with a freight train in a perfect photo​ spot on the bridge over Avenida Alfonso Ugarte, just outside Monserrate station, but 1) it was in the darkness and 2) I was fighting in a terrible traffic jam.
Sgrunt and double sgrunt. :( :( :(

Ciao :wink:
  by philipmartin
David Benton wrote:cest la vie.
English translation, s'il vous plaît. :wink:
  by David Benton
Closest thing is "That's life", but i'm no language expert, i have a hard time translating American.
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