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  by Benjamin Maggi
Sometime presumably in the 1970s the A&A took boxcar #522, still painted in its light blue scheme, and cut it up. Most of the boxcar body was removed, but the very end was kept. This left a mostly flatcar with a partial storage area. I think they put the fourth wall in so that the boxcar portion on the end was secure, and perhaps they added a door to it. Or, maybe they left the end facing the flatcar portion open. I have seen pictures somewhere but don't remember what it looked like.

I thought that Model Railroader magazine actually had plans at one time for the car, but I only saw pictures of it in their September 1978 issue (page 84). Does anyone have good pictures of the car after the modification? Did they really need the storage shed (which is what the removed boxcar portion turned into) so bad as to cut up the car? Or did they really need a flatcar badly?


EDIT: the MR article was in the May 1979 issue.