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Avatar Width

Post by l008com »

On the control panel, it says that avatars can only to 150 x 150 . . . Is there a way to make the forum enforce this? Rule #1 of web design is don't make people scroll horizontally, and wide avatars totally f-up the whole layout of the site. It makes me very angry... like can't people see what a mess their avatar is making of the pages? 150 x 150 is a great size restriction if you ask me. Perhaps disallow "externally hosted" avatars. Make everyone upload one to the server to have one. Then you can fully control them, shrinking larger ones down to size as needed.
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I don't know about enforcement, but if you see an avatar that is clearly in violation, please report them to me in a PM or an email. I will send a message to the user to let them know they need to make their avatar smaller.

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