Colasping sections on board

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Colasping sections on board

Post by harryguy082589 »

I've noticed that recently's forum index page has been set up so all but one of the categories of the forums is hidden at any given time. Is there I way that I can change it back so that I can see all forums at once?

Normally I take a quick look at the time and user name of the last post to see if things have changed since last time i took a look at that forum. The "view posts since last visit" function only helps if I have enough time to get to every post on the list before I have to walk away from my computer.

In the past I have used my browser's find function(ctrl-f) to jump right to the link to the forum I'm looking for, now I have to remember what category the forum is in, load a new page, find the exact forum I want, and click on it. This is a pest, but normally wouldn't be a major issue except for the fact that when i click on a subject to expand it my computer hangs for a minute before it reloads the page. I've seen other forums where you can expand and collapse parts of forums without reloading the page, can that be done?(I don't know if they use phpBB or not though)

To everyone at thanks for keeping things up to date, I have set up and maintain servers which have blogs, forums, and online galleries on them and I know how much work keeping everything up to date and working smooth can be.



I'm using Windows XP and Firefox . The hanging might be an issue with my computer since currently I have 7 windows each with as many as 15 tabs... the process is eating up 290,000 K, and it isn't the only thing running on my computer!

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