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Post by RearOfSignal »

I've been around on a few different sites that look like their running the same software as in here, and they have more emoticons than we do. :( If possible can we have some more choices, in that way we could add feeling to what we're saying.

I know on this site we're encouraged to write down and talk-out our thoughts(no polls), but a few more emoticons couldn't hurt, can it?

Please? :-D
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Post by keeper1616 »

I'd be all up for it - but do we really need all the Image

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Post by RearOfSignal »

I didn't mean dancing bananas, I meant more types of smiley faces. I usually put a smiley face at the end of a post that someone might wrongly think that I'm attacking them, just as a gesture of goodwill :P, or to indicate a joke or sarcasm. :wink:

What I meant was maybe we could add a sad face, or and angry face, or confused face, or a sunglasses face. Putting them there might be a way of helping poeple understand how you're saying what you're saying, it leaves for less misinterpretation.

I know it won't change much in terms of how the forum flows, but it would be nice.
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Post by Otto Vondrak »

Wow. We like JUST talked about this. You musta missed it. It's okay.


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