Can Admins Read PM's?

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Can Admins Read PM's?

Post by benltrain »

Not that I have anything sneaky to discuss, but can anybody besides the sender and reciever read a private message? I realize people can share the text with a mod or admin if so necessary, but is this possible otherwise?

Mike Roque
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Post by Mike Roque »

Yes, Site Admins have complete access to everything.
Mike Roqué
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Post by U-Haul »

Reminds me of 1984 slightly, but I guess you do not want to be up to your eyballs in Neonazis (or something like that) PMing each other trying to avoid the masses.

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Otto Vondrak
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Post by Otto Vondrak »

Um. Yeah. Something like that.

Mike was not implying that we read every single 1 and 0 that crosses this web site. Mike only said that admins can access any file on this site if need be. Trust me, we are not interested in your private communications.

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Post by GOLDEN-ARM »

Awwwwww, not even mine?.................... :P

Noel Weaver
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Post by Noel Weaver »

I get private messages and or e-mails from time to time with no
signature on them. I do not operate that way and PLEASE be advised
that I will NOT answer private messages nor e-mails from somebody who
does not sign their name, first and last. The handles or nicknames used
on railroad net can also be used but with no name comes NO ANSWER.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Noel Weaver

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