Fisherville on the Lehigh Valley?

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Re: Fisherville on the Lehigh Valley?

Post by CPSmith » Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:27 am

From another thread: "With the advent of LIDAR, all those old hidden ROWs that have disappeared with the past must feel like fish that had been comfortably hiding on the bottom of the lake did when fish finders were invented."

I went out for a nice fall walk and poked around the southwest quadrants of the Phillips Rd., Wangum Rd. and Old Dutch Rd. crossings and didn't trip over anything. There are commercial properties at Phillips and Wangum, so I thought whatever was there (if anything) might have been displaced.

Upon return, I ran into one of the VHT folks and we discussed it, looked at maps, etc. I brought up the LIDAR on the computer and it suggests there might be something at Wangum, so now I feel compelled to go back and poke around more.

Question: If the station went to North LeRoy, what was its fate? Do we have any photos of it at its new home?

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Re: Fisherville on the Lehigh Valley?

Post by TB Diamond » Mon Oct 21, 2019 6:36 pm

Lehigh Valley Railroad Track Signal Chart Sayre To Rochester Jct. Revised January 8, 1971 depicts Fisherville Road MP 371.92 between Swamp Road MP 370.72 and Wangum Road MP 372.69.

Appears that the railroad never honored the Philips Road name.
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