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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by umtrr-author
For a change the stars aligned and I was able to get to Boonton with the family in tow (I was in NJ for a wedding).

It was well worth the admittedly short visit, glad to attend.

Been so busy since returning that I haven't even downloaded the photos off the camera yet...
  by FullScale4Me
1st Annual NJ Transportation Heritage Festival recap

Now that our 1st Annual NJ Transportation Heritage Festival is history, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Festival Committee (listed below) and the many other volunteers and participants who made the event a success. Even though we lost $52.53 on paper, it was still a major success, especially considering it was our first attempt and the many obstacles we had to overcome.

Some of the positive event outcomes are:
  • 1. Actually we didn't have a loss as URHS sales table is now well stocked for future income.
    2. John Ferrante donated a large quantity of very old Trains magazines which we will sell at a premium in the future.
    3. NJT Operation Life Saver people were extremely pleased as they gave out 600 pencils and 750 coloring books, booked another event and were amazed that their presentations drew so many people.
    4. One of our kind and generous volunteers sent us a $500 donation after the event.
    5. Many people were asking about and encouraging us to have the Festival again next year.
    6. The Mayor of Boonton was most pleased that many attendees patronized other local businesses after our function.
    7. Six new volunteers signed up and some old ones were resurrected.
    8. We received nothing but positive feedback and NO complaints.
    9. All member group sales tables and Canal Society stated they were happy with results.
    10. The Military vehicle group raised well over $100 for their Toys for Tots program.
Other statistics: Attendance was approximately 2,400-2,500 or more. Income: Donations $2,126.84, Raffle $346, URHS Sales Table $1,907, Food Sales $1,349 and Sales table rental (NYCHS) $15.

Once again, on behalf of myself, the URHS and those who attended the Festival, I want to THANK all of you who worked so diligently, cooperatively and unselfishly and who together made our event a big success. Many, many THANKS.

Festival Committee: Frank Reilly - URHS President, Bill McKelvey - URHS Director, KC Smith - URHS Director, Frank Ball, Alan Bird, Steve Gerritsen, Larry Gross, Fred Heide, Carolyn Hoffman, Justin Kerstner, Dave Lindstrom & Matt Phalon.

Pete Hasler
URHS Event Chairman
  by pumpers
Congratulations to all. I'm sure a lot of hard work was involved. I hope you all are an exception to the rule that "no good deed goes unpunished." JS
  by FullScale4Me
Cablevision has put together a feature on the effort being made by the URHS to create a State Transportation Museum. They interviewed Bill Mc Kelvey (from Liberty Historic Railway & URHS), KC Smith (from URHS, Volunteer Railroaders Association & Star Trak) and Dave Lippencott of Star Trak. FYI Star Trak is URHS of NJ's restoration contractor.

These interviews were done in at the URHS [west] Boonton Restoration Yard in October 2012 focusing on the work that has been completed and in the process of being done. The producer (Tom Lupo) felt the story came out very well and has asked that viewers give him feedback.

Please take a look at this URHS segment of the show on the URHS website http://urhs.org/ and let your friends know as well. Our message about looking for a home for the museum is very important to help preserve New Jersey's rich transportation history for generation to come. Video direct link http://youtu.be/aPCosu7HXkQ

More pictures on facebook of the restoration done so far https://www.facebook.com/UnitedRailroad ... ocietyofNJ
  by northjerseybuff
Any updates on the u34ch? Will it be moved to Boonton in 2013?
  by blockline4180
northjerseybuff wrote:Any updates on the u34ch? Will it be moved to Boonton in 2013?
I have no idea, if i were a betting man i would say no!!
The last excuse i heard is there is no room there for it!!
Any news from URHS? What is happening at Boonton? Also, any progress with the repainting of the ex NJDOT E8 into the B&O livery?
  by larry1090
Sorry No News on the Uboat being moved.

As far as the Ex NJDOT E8 into the B&O livery. The E-8 is in Primer paint. and the port windows are installed. Were at a stand still right now due to the weather for one starters, no painting can be done. there is little things were still working on in the inside of the cab and Eng. compartment area.
  by larry1090
here is a few more pics.
  by kilroy
At a real quick glnce, the E unit looks like ALCo's Black Maria.
  by Steve F45
are any of the loco's operational like the E8's, the GP's or even the U34CH?
  by Ken S.
Which E8 is being painted into B&O colors? The 4253 or the 4326?

Any news yet on what the future holds for 4879?
  by larry1090
"Any news yet on what the future holds for 4879?"

4879 has a long way to go. there still lots of body work to be done yet. Also still seeking Donations to finish her work and paint.

"Which E8 is being painted into B&O colors? The 4253 or the 4326?" 4326 is the E8.

last Sat a bunch of the guys worked on the inside cleaning her out from front to back. There is still some body work to be done and more Primer paint and then final paint job and lettering also when funds become Available this will be worked on.

Builder: Electro-Motive Division (General Motors)
Model: E8A
Builder's Number: 18541
Built: August 1953
Horsepower: 2250
Original Owner: New York Central Railroad, No. 4083
Storage Location: Boonton
History: B&O 98 is former NJ Transit No. 4326, former Penn Central 4083 which was acquired by NJDOT from Conrail in December, 1976. It was the last E8 locomotive painted in the Penn Central black livery to run in New Jersey service and was the third and last E8 to be completely rebuilt at Conrail's Elizabethport, NJ shop, completed in August 1981. It was donated to the museum collection in 1995 and is being restored as Baltimore & Ohio 98, reminiscent of the Royal Blue Line trains that ran between Jersey City and Washington D.C. over the Central Railroad of New Jersey.

  by FullScale4Me
NOTE: the paragraphs below are extracted from the Volunteer Railroaders Association Inc. news blog two sections - meeting minutes and newsletters. The brevity below is not to be assumed as the full monthly report on any given topic (it was presented as a summary to the member group). Since the beginnings of the URHS the delegates can expand on most questions forwarded to them. Reach out to the delegate for your particular group or railroad interest. Further information and in some cases short discussions on URHS topics occasionally happen on the URHS of NJ facebook page. Several railfans prefer to post their photos of the URHS collection to facebook rather than here. We respect and support their choice.

February 2013 URHS news

Bill Hoerkner passed, extremely instrumental in what the URHS accomplished. The Hickory Creek & #43 should be at Grand Central Terminal for National Train Day. There is an effort slowly progressing to establish a Heritage Trail across NJ for Railroad History to encompass many sites rail related. Will be put together as a trail map as well as online. Please send anything noteworthy which can be added. Site Committee back in session with a long list of possible museum sites. PATH Cars that have been in question which survived the collapse of the Twin Towers which we have been trying to get for URHS collection has been at a stalemate, still trying.

CMSL Train – May 11 National Train Day event, proceeds to URHS, May 12 Mother’s Day with proceeds to Volunteer Railroaders Association. This is a brand new event, need to get the word out through channels in that area. Take 2 Lehigh Valley F-7 units and place them in prominent display for patrons to view. Train will run on Beesley Point line, 3 trips to Richland & back (90 Minutes). Will need more people on the ground than in the train but will rotate.

November 2012 URHS news

There is a URHS meeting Saturday in Philipsburg. Will be inspecting equipment in Gilbert which has been sitting 20 years. Some will be scrapped, some may be moved if locations can be found. The E-8 unit (Future B&O 98) – out of money for restoration. About $10,000 to get it painted. If URHS decides to complete there will probably be a request to the member organizations for donations. GG1 4879 has plenty of money left in grants. There is a renewed interest in a combined “Steam Boat/Steam Train” trip, that will be discussed. Boonton Open House September 16th – 2000 to 3000 people there, URHS basically broke even for the day. There were no complaints from the public at all.

August 2012 URHS news

Hickory Creek – On the weekend of 9/15 – 9/16 the Hickory Creek will be taking a paying family up to Montreal. This is a one way trip, so anyone interested in meeting up with the train on the way back can ride for free. 21 people maximum – The trip is free, however you must make your own arrangements to meet the train. It will be on the south bound Adirondack train. Please contact KC Smith for further details and possible meeting locations. Since the spots are limited please let KC as soon as possible to ensure a spot. Please notify no later than 9/9/2012.
  by larry1090

Tickets for the very special and unique train being run on May 11th & 12th are now for sale. The train will be using historic Central Railroad of NJ GP-7 1523 and Pensylvania Railroad GP-9 7000 pulling vintage and fully restored coaches built in 1950, a Tavern Lounge car #37 built in 1947 [ dining end | service end ] and a full Parlor Car 'Good Vibrations'.

These unique trains will depart from the Tuckahoe railroad station at 10 am, 12 noon and 2 pm. They will run north to beyond Milmay and turn back; returning to Tuckahoe about 60 minutes later.

At Tuckahoe the beautifully restored Reading Railroad station, built in 1894, now a railroad museum, and the Reading switch tower will be open for all to enjoy Tuckahoe tower levers. Free admission to both! Also at Tuckahoe is a great variety of equipment like: an ex Conrail RS3m , Lehigh Valley Railroad F7a # 576 , Lehigh Valley Railroad F7a # 578 and many Pennsylvania Reading Seashore Lines M-410 Cape May Seashore Lines M-407 Cape May Seashore Lines M-402 passenger cars. Some of this equipment operates, like Cape May Seashore Lines M-410 and some await restoration like Ex New Jersey Transit 5189. Most are owned by the United Railroad Historical Society URHS equipment & more URHS equipment, who is sponsoring these trains in conjunction with the Volunteer Railroaders Association.

The proceeds of the May 11th trip will go to the URHS to assist in restoration of its collection of nearly 70 locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars, and work cars. So please come out for this unique trip! You’ll have a great day traveling through the Pinelands, riding America’s most unusual train, and seeing railroad buildings and artifacts from the golden days of railroading in New Jersey! The proceeds of the May 12th trip will go to the Volunteer Railroaders Association's continued effort to help preserve New Jersey's rich railroad history.

There are three fares for this trip. Standard coach is $18 adults and $15 for children under 12 and will have refreshments available for purchase during your ride. In the Tavern Lounge Car (#37 from the world famous New York Central Railroad's Commodore Vanderbilt) the fare for everyone including children is $28 and includes one drink & one snack per ticket, (additional available for purchase within the car). The fare in the deluxe parlor car Good Vibrations is $33 for everyone including children and includes continuously served snacks and drinks.

To purchase tickets or for more information go on-line to: http://www.vratrips.org/ and click on the appropriate button. Additional information is also available on-line at the URHS website: http://www.URHS.org/ or by calling 973-238-0555


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