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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by carajul
I dont know if the TRU warehouse wil ever get service again, but the google maps satelite view shows the spur that runs along the warehouse has been paved over. I guess the building will never get rail service again. Anyone know who uses the building now and if ME has ever tried getting them on as a customer?
  by ccutler
I believe this topic was covered in other threads, to the effect that NS/ToysRUs found it more cost effective to transload hi cube box cars or intermodal containers in the big transload facilities near the old Bethlehem steel mill, and dray them over to the warehouse, than to ship in non-hi cube box cars on 10mph track into NJ. I believe they were shipping bulk packages of diapers.

Someone with direct knowledge, please feel free to correct me.

Now that Toys R Us is bankrupt and at best greatly diminished, a new owner is likely to come for that warehouse.
Perhaps the C&D operation can entice back some clients.
  by cjvrr
Toys R Us no longer occupies the warehouse and it is up for sale. Actively being marketed with the rail siding.

I believe the tracks have been covered with stone to allow trailer parking, but they have not been paved over.

A problem continues to be the lack of ability to get what had been larger cars, but have no become industry standard under the bridge in Phillipsburg. If / when that clearance issue goes away rail service should be more desirable.
  by carajul
You are correct, the siding is covered in gravel stone and has a bunch of trailers parked ontop of it. Also it's actually a DOUBLE siding. There are 2 sets of tracks along the warehouse.

Also the track to the East of the HB branch that I think went south to Chester has 2 warehouses after the end of current track that must have had sidings as you can see a cut in the trees where tracks must have been. No sign of sidings near the warehouses though.

I guess it's just easier and more cost efficient for NS to rail the freight to A'town yard and tell customers to truck it the rest of the way. And probably a lot cheaper for the customer too. Kind of like when you fry from Los Angeles to Tampa for $199 and then the leg from Tampa to Orlando is $399.