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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by planespotting
Caught a Kansas City Southern de Mexico autorack in Bound Brook the other day (link below). Is it common to see their rolling stock this far east?
https://imgur.com/a/VZz9g" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
PS: Yes-You will see enclosed autoracks from Mexico as well as the ones from Canadian and U.S.
railroads. Ferromex and FNM are two other Mexican railroads that you will see autoracks from.

What makes enclosed autorack trains even more fascinating is the fallen flags and older color
schemes that are still out there in regular operation. Conrail and Southern Pacific in maroon,
Burlington Northern green, Grand Trunk blue and CNW yellow are examples of what is out there.

The most common autoracks are from UP-using two different slogans at times: "Building America"
and "We Will Deliver" along with all of the other Class One railroads. The most obscure railroad to
have autoracks is perhaps the Providence & Worcester from New England.

TTX is the owner and lessor - which is owned by member railroads - and are operated in a large
pool all over North America which is what makes them interesting to watch. Auto racks can be a
good car to model with so many choices of roadnames and color schemes to choose from.

  by planespotting
Thanks for the info and guidance, MACTRAXX. The last car in the consist was indeed a Providence & Worcester auto rack (see link below). Someone should start a thread of unique rolling stock photos on NJ trains as the cars are sometimes more interesting than the engines.

https://imgur.com/VnvNRYC" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Thanks again.
PS: You are welcome...Auto racks are interesting freight equipment that I normally do no see on
Long Island (they are too high and wide) and thanks to their design and variety they interest me.

In the picture of the P&W auto rack it looks like the car coupled to it was a Ferromex car noting
the two low red stripes horizontally on the panels. Another interesting facet of these cars again
is the color schemes that are used - making spotting of the different railroads even easier.
Another good example is the bright orange that recent BNSF Railway autoracks use.

Auto racks have an interesting history - the modern day fully enclosed versions were developed
to replace the older open racks that did not adequately protect new vehicles from vandalism or
theft. In some cases it was as easy as adding protective side panels and more secure end doors.

Delivering new vehicles is lucrative business for many railroads as we all realize...MACTRAXX
  by kilroy
Most of the one's I see have been painted by "artists."
  by SecaucusJunction
I'm guessing Long Island autos are unloaded in Newark and trucked the rest of the way?
  by GooStats
I see a Ferromex locomotive occasionally around Morrisville, PA.