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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by The Blue Comet
Have seen track work completed at Route 539 crossing. Clayton Concrete and Woodmansie I believe will be the end of the CNJ Seashore line just Northeast of the route 72 overpass. Haven't seen any info on track rehab to Winslow Junction. Any idea or info on when sand will start heading towards RedBank? That old line is quite historic. Thanks
  by CJPat
Blue Comet, you ask the magical question...."when?"

The original thread on the rehab began in 2006. Back then it was projected that due to the upcoming "NYC Tunnel to Macys basement" project that Gov. Corzine had approved, it was thought that Clayton was positioning himself for the large sand delivery project that the tunnel would require. Since the project was cancelled, any progress on the rehab has been very slow most likely since there probably has not been a customer identified that will buy large bulk loads to make the rail line maintainable.

Dribs and drabs of rebuild work has been conducted under a transportation grant that Clayton qualified for (ties, bridge rebuild, crossings, etc). But most people are guessing that the line won't activate unless Clayton can find that significant customer base.
  by BigDell
There are a lot of recent posts on various CNJ and NJ railroad FaceBook groups lately. I'll locate and try to post...
Looks very promising.
  by NJWG
Thanks for the updates. last time I was able to walk down there I noticed the bridge work south of union avenue in Lakehurst. It does appear that they are repairing this bridge for double track where the passing siding was. I hear that there is a lot of facebook activity regarding this but I just cant stand facebook with all of the garbage on it I just cant do it. I drove down 539 just the other day and there is a lot of sand trucks coming from claytons I don't know where its all going but some trains would be nice.
  by The Blue Comet
I've read the bridge in Lakehurst is near completion. Am so frustrated google earth hasn't updated and any pictures of track progress would be appreciated. Thanks
  by dlagrua
Due to severe rail congestion and the old age of the Hudson tunnels; new tunnel construction is inevitable. IMO it will begin before 2020. Such being the case the old Jersey Central Blue Comet line should be restored.