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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by kilroy
In the even that both tunnels had to go OOS, what would they do?
Drop back 10 yards and punt. It would be total gridlock on the roads. NJT could operate as far as Newark. Secaucus has no place to turn/store trains so I don't see them going there. Maybe one or two trains an hour but that's it.

PATH would be overloaded but the only option. DL&W/Erie lines all would operate to Hobo. Lots and lots of telecommuting for those lucky enough to do that. Otherwise lots of job loss and business failures but hey, the billionaires need tax breaks a lot more than us slobs needing a job so let's cut funding for the gateway tunnel.
  by Jeff Smith
Reminder: there is a Gateway Tunnel thread in Amtrak forum. Please bring this back to Cape May.
  by glennk419
Jeff Smith wrote:Reminder: there is a Gateway Tunnel thread in Amtrak forum. Please bring this back to Cape May.
Thank you Jeff. :wink:
  by pdtrains
as soon as someone throws enough money at it. From what ive read, all the rail upgrades to the line s of Lakehurst, have been "use it or lose it" grant money.
  by NJWG
The bridge just south of Lakehurst looks like it is nearly finished. They are rebuilding this for two tracks so I assume the passing siding will get some attention. It looks like all of the trestle bents are new and the only thing left is the Bridge ties.
  by NJT4149
I saw a post on Facebook in which a friend of mine, JS, talked to a worker in the Whiting area. The worker told JS that the CMSL side of the project should be completed within the next few weeks; however, a contractor on the Conrail side is, "dragging his feet." Apparently either NJT or NJDOT inspected the line from Lakehurst to Route 539 and subsequently said it was okay for service. The worker also stated that the WB trains to Woodmansie would be loaded stone trains and the EB runs would be loaded sand.
  by The Blue Comet
Any updates on "the seashore line" would be appreciated. Route 539 crossing work looks to be finished. Looking down the track in both directions looks great. Just need to see a train! Google Earth hasn't been updated since the two rails were reinstalled across 539. Not sure if a loop in the Clayton sand yard or a rail siding is planned. Sure would like a satellite map update. Thanks
  by CJPat
My wife and I drove through Lakehurst, Whiting, and Woodmansie as we headed over tot he Cranberry Festival in Chadsworth yesterday (Saturday). No new info on the ROW, but I will say the ROW looks pretty good. Rails all look connected, ballast clean, grass cut and branches trimmed back, and you can see where they changed out ties. North of Lakehurst, the ROW is all over grown and disconnected.

The tracks look great all the way down to Clayton's. The only issue is there is no sign of any clearing leading on to the Clayton property. The tracks just run straight and peter out into the sand just before the driveway. Also, there are no crossbucks located at the Savoy crossing.
  by dlagrua
Now that the Hudson tunnel project is fully funded, you can bet that sand and lots of it will be needed. The Blue Comet route will see freight trains again. If only the CMSL line South of Tuckahoe could meet a similar fate but a restoration of any railroad line is good news.
  by bmwr12
I drove by Lakehurst today and the Conrail side of the crossing looks freshly cleared to the bridge on all tracks. The rail is still not connected under the bridge. The rail looks disconnected at the crossing as well.I would assume they are going to repair this crossing soon.
  by liftedjeep
I was through Lakehurst on Oct 19th and actually stopped to get out and inspect the line from the crossing to under the Route 70 overpass. The track is still broken and or missing in several spots under the bridge. North of the overpass, the line is heavily overgrown. From about the Brown Ave crossing and south, the tracks are clear and appear to be well maintained.
The "disconnected rail" you saw at the crossing is the former Toms River Branch as well as the siding into the old "Oceangro" Fertilizer Unloading Station.

I still wouldn't go as far as saying the line will be repaired soon, but I do think we are as close as we've been in a long time at seeing some action on the former Southern Division up that way.
  by bmwr12
The main track or track 2 is the only one that connects with the NJSL track at the moment. It is unbolted at the last rail before the crossing. I know the TRIT and siding are disconnected and have been for a few years.
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