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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by scottso699
glennk419 wrote:
Thanks Scottso. That makes sense as Piedmont & Northern is a SLRG component road and apparently they use the parent road's reporting marks for interchange.
No Problem! It weird-ed us out too - 1st off seeing a trio of F40PHs brought in to pull freight and then 2nd seeing that they were painted in old Denver and Rio Grande Western paint schemes! But we will take whatever we can get. Iowa Pacific took over the lines in August of 2015 when Patriot Rail lost the lease to operate the line (the state of NC owns the line).
  by liftedjeep
liftedjeep wrote:-The two LV F units that were leased to Cape May Seashore Lines came up from Tuckahoe to Camden last night on WPCA-51. This morning, both F units were spotted along side of the engine house in Pavonia Yard:

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=4593547" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

-The two "LV" F units were separated this afternoon at Pavonia Yard. #578 was sent to the engine house, presumably for some sort of repair work, while #576 left South Jersey on CSX C759 around 4:30pm.

-Seen here trailing on C759 along Cleveland Ave in the last rays of sunlight:

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=4593607" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

-Roster of SLRG #576:

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=4593608" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

  by R&DB
Any progress on Lakehurst - Woodmansie?
Since the grant money was used up, my guess is there won't be any further work on the line until someone needs a large amount of sand for concrete. As Clayton owns the line, they probably won't spend any more on it unless they anticipate a return on the investment. Let's hope the Trump administration actually invests in major infrastructure improvements that will require large amounts of concrete somewhere reasonably nearby where it could be delivered by rail.

Just my two cents.
  by bmwr12
There is a plain white hi rail dump truck with a boom grabber that has been sitting in Lakehurst for at least the last 2 weeks. It is sitting on the rails close to crossing.
  by southern sec. kid
Saw a picture today of bridge timbers and Switch timbers sitting next to NJSL trackage in Lakehurst. Will get out sometime this week and check it out
  by JohnFromJersey
How long do you think it will be until they get sand trains running? It seems the track is almost finished...

And when work is done, how many trains a week/day should we expect?
  by RailsEast
Ok, John, I'll go way out on a limb and officially begin the 'pool' for sand train resurrection......I say, trackwork will be completed sometime in late 2018, and sand trains (1 to 3 trains per month) will again run in mid-2019, give or take 3 months on each prediction.
(Moderator David, if I win this pool, I expect a fully paid membership to Railroad.Net for the remainder of my years...)
  by jrzwalker86
If you go through this entire thread and then this thread;
viewtopic.php?f=127&t=31458" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
you will have the same knowledge as everyone else.
I am sure someone will one day have the knowledge you seek and will be more than grateful to share with all of us.
Perhaps, if you want to do us a favor and go down to Woodmansie and ask the folks at Clayton your question, they might give you an answer, and then you can share with us?
IMHO, if and when any track work begins toward the Clayton sand pits, then there is an increased certainty that the R.O.W. will begin operation in a shorter period of time than when the previous thread has started until now (about ten years).
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