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  • Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey
Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by NJTforever
I'm new here and I want to go and railfan the NEC but I don't know where on the NEC will be the best to railfan. Is Jersey ave good or Princeton junction, thanks for your time. You guys can also suggest any other good spots, and I love to see great high speed action.
  by photorailfan
About six years ago I went to Elizebeth station on the NEC. Only i wasn't on the platforms. There is a public parking building against the tracks. Drive in and go to the top level. It's a five or six level parking garage. From the top, you get a first class view of the station. The location is mentioned in the older edition of guide to north american railroad hot spots. Unfortunatly, the updated book no longer has that spot in it.
  by TAMR213
Some say railfanning the NEC is boring due to the "repetition", but I've lived along the line my entire life and I have yet to tire from it. There are a bunch of good spots to railfan along the NEC, as mentioned above Elizabeth is one, though speeds are lower due to the S curve. Edison station is another spot I enjoy. New Brunswick is another town with many good locations (and other things to do such as restaurants, etc) between the Raritan River Bridge, New Brunswick and Jersey Ave Stations, and the parking decks near New Brunswick Station. An added benefit to the Edison and New Brunswick areas is the daily freight train (ME-2) out of Metuchen Yard. You will see the highest speeds between Jersey Ave and Princeton Jct.

Wherever you decided to railfan, remember to stay well clear of the tracks, as the trains are fast and relatively quiet. In addition, in light of recent national events, if you see anything suspicious, be vigilant and report it, as Railfans can be "eyes" for the railroad. Lastly, give the crews a friendly wave and be sure to enjoy yourself!
  by faxman
if you freight you may want to try njt bound brook station. the rvl is boring but you get nice freight from the eastbound side.
  by NJTforever
Thanks guys but also can you keep this in mind i'm 16, there is so much a kid my age can do. But those sound like some great spots!
  by BigDell
Circumstances put me at Elizabeth Station last week - for the first time in ages. I had forgotten what a great place that is from which to photograph. The S-curve ... heaven. It's also nice to set up atop the parking deck nearby - although I was always concerned security would come and ask why i was photographing the trains (but it never happened, so no worries...). I wound up staying there for an extra hour or so and took quite a bit of photos. I also looked over the old CNJ main ... talk about a time warp ... so strange to see the 2013 version after remembering all the amazing activity some 35 years ago when i was a kid. Highly recommend a few hours in Elizabeth for the NEC action... Best part is catching four trains on the main at one time (it happens!).
  by kilroy
One thing to keep in mind on the NEC. Union Interlocking in Rahway is where the NY&LB splits off from the NEC. Shooting at Rahway and east to Newark will get you more trains (icluding diesel powered trains).

I have also shot at Metropark in the afternoon. There is a nice curve there along with a classic PRR signal bridge for framing westbounds. The late day light is also very nice.

[url]http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=3305761[\url]
  by R36 Combine Coach
Harrison has AMTK, NJT and PATH (and Newark skyline), but be aware of the PAPD policy. High speed would be between Metropark and Princeton Jct.
  by Ken W2KB
R36 Combine Coach wrote:Harrison has AMTK, NJT and PATH (and Newark skyline), but be aware of the PAPD policy. . .

It is not a policy as such, but rather Rules and Regulations which have the full force and effect of laws. The above link is to the photography regulations as well as other potentially relevant Rules and Regulations. The following excerpt, most relevant to the question, prohibits photography of PATH in its entirety absent compliance with the provisions, such as being accompanied by a PATH employee, but that provision is likely unenforceable as unconstitutional to the extent of photography from vantage points not owned by the Port Authority. The key question is whether there would be an attempt to enforce it on non-PA property were one to photograph, for example, from the adjacent parking garage or other nearby building.

"IX. Photography and similar activity.

A. The taking or making of photographs of any portion of the PATH system is prohibited except as provided herein.

B. The taking or making of films, video recordings, and drawings or other visual depictions are subject to the same prohibitions, restrictions and procedures as are applicable to photography.

C. Photography which involves any of the following must comply with the requirements of the Extended Photography Policy and Procedures, in addition to these Rules:
1. Exclusive use of any area or any railcar or part of a railcar.
2. Exclusion of members of the public, PATH or Port Authority personnel, or PATH or Port Authority contractors from any area or any railcar or part of a railcar.
3. Use of equipment other than handheld equipment with self-contained power sources.

1. No person may take a photograph of any portion of the PATH system unless he or she is accompanied by a representative of PATH.
2. No photograph shall be taken of any specific location, device or structure if such representative advises that such photography is prohibited because it will create an image which could be used to aid in the planning of an attempt to disable, destroy, avoid or circumvent any operational, safety, security, evacuation or emergency response device, structure or procedure, or which could be used in the planning of an attempt to commit an act of violence or intentionally cause disruption of rail service or public panic within the PATH system or a part thereof. If possible, a suggestion for alternative photography in PATH which would not have such an effect shall be made by the PATH representative."