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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by NHV 669
Would've made more sense to send it via Pan Am/SLR, but there must have been other factors at play.
  by Dick H
That extra wide load probably would have not cleared the high level platforms (DE) on the single track at Exeter, Durham, Dover, Saco and Old Orchard. I am not sure if the MBTA has platforms at all the stations between Ballardvale and Haverhill that can be raised, Haverhill does.
  by Hux
One would expect it to go as far east as possible. Given NEGS's history/experience with military equipment I guess it's not surprising this beast ended up in their hands.
  by BowdoinStation
93S to 101E to 95N. All highway after Canterbury. I heard it cleared the openings to the Merrimack River Bridge in Concord with little room to spare.
  by b&m 1566
I don't think they have ramp access in Manchester to off load flatbeds like they do in Canterbury.
  by NHV 669
https://www.kalmarrt.com/militaryrt240 - click the PDF link

Company site states that the rig is 12' wide, which is the same as an M-1 Abrams tank. When I assisted in loading those on DoDX flats back in early 2012 at Fort Carson, I recall the track overhang having to be within 8'' of the top of the car edges on both sides. Surely this is a passenger platform issue, as it would clear just about anything else. From the above view taken by Mr. Dearness, it looks to be the same type of flat car they're using.
  by BowdoinStation
New England Southern has two large unobstructed offloading ramps at their Canterbury World Headquarters made for jobs like this. Customers have all the room in the world to work, and the area around their yard is safe as that equipment was left in the yard for a few days. The flat car was of the 6 axle variety.
  by NHV 669
First run of 2020 was yesterday, bringing six center beams loaded with new ties, and two loads for 3M north from Concord.
  by b&m 1566
Are the ties for them or for P&L.
  by NHV 669
P&L. They left them in Tilton, I believe.
  by Narrowgauger
Rumors are abounding that the NES is being sold to the VTR. And I quote "They are supposed to be buying the New England Southern. They have two more Leases coming, GP38’s.They will be servicing a gravel quarry " Sent to me . As we all know this stuff is top secret nonsense but is there any truth to it?
  by NHV 669
GMTX 2331/2633 were on 14R out of Enola on Monday, waybilled to VTR at HJ, but they have nothing to do with NEGS.
  by steam1246
"As WE all know this stuff is top secret nonsense but is there any truth to it?" Well, if it's really nonsense--why would anyone ask about "truth"? Well, the truth is the sale of the NEGS HAS been confirmed--though not publically, yet--by the owner of NEGS and principles in the Vermont Rail System. NEGS fans, hold your horses because by June 30th you'll have some very exciting "news" to celebrate! For those of you who don't know how VRS operates, consider this: VRS consists of a number of companies that remains separate for legal reasons, but work closely together for the common good of all. For example--some VRS companies are railroads; others are transload sites, railcar repair facilities, property management locations, investment entities, etc. VRS invests to make money, and has a record of doing very well at it! Look for VRS to provide NEGS with all important working capital the current NEGS owner doesn't have in his back pocket--and with the NEGS up for sale, really doesn't want to borrow. As anyone knowledgeable in railroad management will tell you, "new business" often requires MONEY for the infastructure needed to support that business. So before railfans start babbling and/or speculating about "nonsense", think about what a VRS acquisition of NEGS WILL potentially offer.
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