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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by b&m 1566
I wouldn't be surprised if Untied Rail retains the same "part time" employees and probably keeps the engine right where it is. The only thing that might change is the lettering on the locomotive, unless they plan to keep the New England Southern name.
  by b&m 1566
And with everything that's going on with the WOW Trail and how they want to rip up the line, if by chance United Rail Corp. ends up giving up, I will not be shocked if the Plymouth and Lincoln Railroad (DBA - Hobo Railroad and Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad) purchases it from Untied Rail Corp. They need the New England Southern for many reasons.
  by Rockguy
My stock broker is pretty sure this is one of those penny stock scams. They release press releases to get people to buy shares then before its worthless they cash out or do a reverse split. They issued the press release before they closed the deal to try to raise funds. I wouldn't be surprised it they never come up with the money as its not done yet official. The state still needs to approve the sale as well.

They have been doing this for years with the vegas Xtrain that hasnt gotten anywhere after all kinds of promising press releases and not a single one turned into anything.
  by b&m 1566
Not just the state but the STB has to sign off on it as well. According to the articales I've read, this was an all cash offer. If this is merely to bolster their stock and make a quick buck, then we will probably see this railroad up for sale again in very short order.
  by Rockguy
Not sure what there motive is. I guess we wait for stb notifications and the state to approve. I can say no one will work harder than Pete did to try to get more moves along the line.
  by MRY
Assuming this discussion is limited to the line north of Concord, the only business case would be something that hasn't materialized yet, i.e. United Rail has knowledge of something that is about to happen (not likely). As far as existing businesses are concerned all one needs to do is look at the truck traffic on I-93 and you can see what moves in and out of the area in bulk quantities large enough to be replaced by rail service (hint: nothing).
  by BowdoinStation
It's easy to speculate and guess what the new owners of NEGS are going to do, no one really knows for sure...yet.. The sale has to close first.. I agree with ROCKGUY, no one worked harder to creatively make opportunities happen than Pete, keeping 3M happy, creating 2 Military trains, the recent railroad tie train, moving equipment for the Plymouth & Lincoln and Lafayette Dinner Train, and taking care of the cabooses in Tilton. IMHO we should all view this as a good move. United Rail looks like they are a capable company, their "XWine Train" sounds interesting, among other things they do.. They would not survive or be publicly traded if they were a sham outfit.
  by Rockguy
Not quite sure how a passenger excision helps them run a frieghtrailroad. That looks like only actual business they have and only do a handful of excursions in last 2 years. Not like they will be able to here with dinner train and the hobo.

The being a public company means nothing. If you keep adding shares you can keep printing money.

Not sure how an out of state company with out of state managers will be good for this line.
  by b&m 1566
If this new company thinks they are going to start up an exursion/dinner train, they're not going to get very far. Last time I talked to Peter, he told me he was only allowed to operate occional passenger excursions, it allowed him to operate the Caboose trains and the occasional chartered passenger extras. For any type of constant passenger operation, the state would have it go out for bid; the state is running into this issue with the Milford and Bennington Railroad, wanting to resurrect the Wilton Scenic Railroad.
  by NHV 669
Sounds similar to a rumor I heard at work about Wayne Presby (current Cog RR owner) wanting to start an excursion service based out of Whitefield, to an unknown destination west on current OOS track. I was unaware of a requirement to bid out such efforts.
  by b&m 1566
Yes, the state splits the leases into freight and passenger, I suppose they could do both together but then they would have to do that for all their lines (to make it fair). That means the Conway Scenic would also be bidding for freight rights, but they are not a common carrier. We all know the story by now with the Wilton Scenic's possible resurrection but Milford & Bennington Railroad, doesn't have the passenger rights, it has to go out for bid and Pan Am, being Pan Am, supposedly has every intention of bidding for the passenger rights on that line, just to continue to be a constant pain in the side for the Milford & Bennington. So, if this new company wants to start up service that's fine but it will have to go to bid first, which will allow other operators to bid on it, so there's no guarantee they will win it.
  by Douglasphil
A quick online check of US Rail really doesn't inspire much confidence . Mostly a circular search where the quote about consaladating smaller railroads is thrown out . They are (or were) involved with the Las Vegas Express project. That doesn't seem to mesh with purchasing a marginal shortline in N.E. Not sure what the true story is but in the last few years there have been a few questionable proposals floated from the North Brookfield RR to Boston Surface . US Rail appears to have very few employees and doesn't really seem to own all that much.
  by Backshophoss
Is "United Rail" a spinoff of the "remains" of X-train?? Possibly an enforced spinoff by Virgin Rail USA?
Tread carefully, X-train left a lot of unhappy people in their wake.
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