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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by gokeefe
Calebharris39 wrote:Still shows on Pan Am's updated 2019 trackage map that they still have intentions from whitefield to st'j
The system map is not a primary indicator of operational intent.
  by Calebharris39
Yea i know as much. Just wondering if they may do something now since the Twin State has expired
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  by gokeefe
Sale appears to be the only option that makes any sense given the track conditions and total lack of online traffic potential.
  by BandA
How much are they paying in taxes?
  by gokeefe
Can't be much. Right of way in many states is tax exempt. Facilities and underlying land are taxable.
  by Calebharris39
Exactly they are tax exempt from NH statute (NH Rev Stat § 228:60-c (2015)) and in Vermont VT. Stat. Ann. tit. 19 § 1111(a)
  by S1f3432
Ownership of the west end protects Panam's paper barrier of overhead traffic on the Mountain Sub as has been
discussed multiple times and likely doesn't cost them much. Those restrictions could be written into a sales agreement
but lacking traffic why would anyone agree to that? If the State(s) were to demonstrate a public need they might use
eminent domain proceedings but again where is the need and how much is it going to cost?
  by NHV 669
Yes, it would be Vermont only. They don't own anything on the NH side, note that it was state-owned equipment that brush cut the line recently.
  by BandA
If it isn't worth much then it will be easy to take it by eminent domain, lol. Unless railroads are preempted from eminent domain by the STB?
  by NHV 669
Why would VT do that? They have no urgent use for it.
  by newpylong
Unless the Gilman site is reused for something that has serious tonnage potential, no one wants this line.
  by NHV 669
newpylong wrote:Unless the Gilman site is reused
Even this hasn't happened as of the start of the year; the proposed pellet factory never happened. Local radio station out of Whitefield mentioned last week that the town "wants to look at turning local rail beds to "hiking trails" as well as creating a "town forest." They didn't specify which lines, though.

The former B&M Berlin Branch seems obvious, the line is dead west of the diamond. CSRX has pulled all but two former SJL hoppers off the siding west of 116, and has formally abandoned operations to Alder Brook. Track is still in place until just past the old yard behind Riverside Drive in Littleton.

I'm surprised they haven't pulled it up yet, the STB filing shows the town of Littleton, as well as the state, are in agreement on continuing the multi -use trail east to the Bethlehem line, and tying the downtown portion in with the local RiverWalk path.

They may be talking about the Mountain as well, however that line sees snowmobile use just west of town headed towards Scott Jct.
  by gokeefe
I have to admit ... These days I'm always curious whenever I see this thread popup in my list.

Always wondering if there's going to be a report of an STB filing or perhaps "The Jordan spreader just went by my house down the line through the snow banks and pushed over all the trees."

Kidding as to the latter of course but a lot of unexpected things have happened in the past few years.
  by gokeefe
Little bit of tea leaf reading here but has a "Project Engineer" listed as the point of contact for Pan Am Railways/Twin State (noted as "Closed"). Link doesn't work so those wishing to see for themselves will have to search Google for "VTrans Contact Information Map, Railroads in Vermont" or something to that effect. The Map is dated June 2019.
  by NHV 669