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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New England

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  by NHV 669
mowingman wrote: Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:30 pm Dragon had a big fire last winter at their plant. This probably caused some delivery interruptions thT may not be resolved even now.
It was mentioned immediately after the fire that no shipments would be affected. With reports indicating a lack of cement being handled by CMQ on the Rockland Branch, barges is the likely answer.
  by SkiScorcher88
So if the warehouse is being turned into a pot warehouse and the fly ash/cement customer went to the G&U's Hopedale yard, does BCLR have any remaining customers, or is this the end of the line for this once prominent RR?

The G&U still has the two units from BCLR (their GP9 1750 and their CF7 1500), although neither are in an operable state.
I took a ride on 1750 from N Grafton to W Upton in 2011. Such a privilege! My high school friend was the engineer at the time.
  by GP40MC1118
Bay Colony still has its portion of the Watuppa Branch in Dartmouth and New Bedford.
No indication they are going anywhere anytime soon. I am sure they will hang on to
the Millis Line for now. It's not clear the cement/fly ash traffic all went to the G&U.

  by Safetee
way back in 1982, bay colony won the whole shooting match via eotc for various conrail lines south and or east of boston. in 2007, ma dot awarded mass coastal with the cape lines, watuppa, and the dean street only.

so i think that technically means if any freight should pop up on any of those old bay colony freight dormant lines, bay colony would have the option of providing service once again. not exactly sure if any of these still have any track mind you but i believe that some of them are: the nantasket sec aka greenbush, plymouth sec, randolph sec, and west hanover sec,
  by GP40MC1118
Nope...MDOT would put all those lines up for bid, which they've tried twice in the last three
years. Both attempts were flawed and I think the last one was withdrawn. The first one
attracted less than five bidders.

  by Safetee
actually, i believe that you will find that the lines that have most recently been put up for re bid by mass dot are the same ones that mc and bclr tussled for in 2007 . ie the falmouth , so dennis, hyannis, buzzards bay, dean st, and watuppa.
  by GP40MC1118
Correct. Same lines. The leases run for a specific time period, then gets put for bid. Except the first
attempt was botched and the second one aborted. Extensions were given until whatever year (I don't
know). MDOT would presumably get it right the next time it goes up for bid.

  by craven
Update: 18 Aug. 2019

Line is clear of all cars.

1701 looking for work.
  by johnpbarlow
Looks like 1701 needs to weed-wack its RoW to Medfield Jct
BCRR GP7 RoW Millis 081819 small.jpg
How long has it been since 1701 moved?
BCRR GP7 Millis 081819 small.jpg
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  by Baycolony1705
Last move for 1701 was in February
  by BandA
They should lease the 1701 to Boston Surface Railroad :wink:
  by Backshophoss
BAAD IDEA!,might be time to send 1701 home.
  by Baycolony1705
BandA wrote: Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:03 pm They should lease the 1701 to Boston Surface Railroad :wink:
Well, they haven’t OFFICIALLY stopped servicing Tresca yet, they ran in February, so it’s possible they still run with 1701
  by connor4521
Construction (excavator?) stationed outside the old train station. This line has definitely seen better days.

  by craven

Where is that station located??

Is that the one in downtown Millis ???
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