Motorized Track Cars - Lightly Used Roads

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Motorized Track Cars - Lightly Used Roads

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Interesting article appearing in today's Journal: ... lewebshare

Fair Use:
.A few years back, Robin Douglas was on choir practice break at his suburban Los Angeles church when a fellow parishioner came over with a startling pronouncement.

“Guess what? I bought a train!”

His friend was a working man, not a tycoon.

“You can’t buy a train,” Mr. Douglas said. “Surely not?”

His pal whipped out some photos.

Well, it wasn’t exactly a train. It was a “railcar”—a kind of boxy mini-locomotive that for decades was used to transport track-inspection crews by railroads around the U.S. and Canada. With its gas-powered engine, the railcar was reliable, but slow, which led railroad companies eventually to switch to a faster, more versatile technology that lets ordinary pickup trucks ride the rails.

Before the pokey railcar could reach the scrapyard, however, a handful of armchair railroad engineers and other rail fans pulled a switch of sorts that set off a curious rescue and started one of the most unusual hobbies ever..
First, I'm uncertain if this the correct forum for this material; so movenif need be the case.

While I'm certain this group has strict rules governing their participants and have proper clearance with any roads over which they run excursions, what would be of concern is if some dunderhead took a track car and decided to take a spin on a Class I.

"Oh, nothing's coming....."

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