• Why is Caterpillar not being served in Jamestown?

  • Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.
Discussion pertaining to the past and present operations of the LAL, the WNYP, and the B&H. Official site: LALRR.COM.

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  by rearedevice
Or are they? Cattipiler has all the makings of a major shipper yet as of 2 years ago when I last checked there is no siding. They make Deisal engines and generators and like Ford in Hamburg you would think they they would get crates of parts like GM in 70 foot long boxcars
  by Mr.Starr
I grew up in HAMBURG,NY and left HAMBURG,NY in late October 2002. Yes,I am highly aware of the rail siding that serves the FORD STAMPING PLANT in Woodlawn,NY. Secondly,I have toured the FORD STAMPING PLANT as it says on the facade facing ROUTE 5. As for mentioning Jamestown,NY, I have spent many weekends visiting my grandmother on Willard St which was once called "SWEDE HILL" and 2 aunts in JAMESTOWN,NY, I still have many friends and relatives that live there.
I too am curious about this one,possibly someone could ask CATERPILLAR? Also I'm curious to what The LIVONIA AVON & LAKEVILLE RR and it's affiliate WESTERN NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA RR have to say .
  by pablo
First of all...are we speaking about Cummins? I'm not familiar with a Caterpillar in Jamestown.

If you mean Cummins, I believe that a long time ago in E-L days, they received shipments of diesel fuel occasionally. I can't say how much, but I believe there was a siding there...I think you can basically see where it is if you look hard enough for it.

Additionally, I think that the job that served this siding was the farthest West that the Jamestown switcher went...but someone else could probably confirm or deny that. I can't think of another switch or siding West aside from anything at Niobe for the junction there; a siding for a mill at Lottsville, PA, and sidings at Bear Lake, PA.

I would not speak for the WNYP, even if I was still working there, but I can say with certainty that all possible customers have certainly been looked at. It's worth mentioning that sidings aren't cheap...and when they aren't used, they get pulled to be used elsewhere.

Dave Becker
  by Lfire83
From an inside source, Cummins Engine (located in the town of Busti, near Ashville proper, milepost SA 41) does not want rail service, as it would not be in the interest of their bottom line, TRUCK ENGINES!!! The amount of truck traffic to the plant is very heavy, and giving it away to the railroads does not help their core business. Conrail ZTS charts show a siding there in 1987, but I would assume as the abandonment process was underway, it made sense for them to patronize trucking.
  by pablo
From some time ago, the word was that the only thing that would make sense for them to receive by rail would be diesel. There is enough testing done on site that it might make sense to receive it by rail...but obviously, since they're making truck engines, it would make sense to keep it off the rails. Not economic sense...but who wants to make economic sense these days?

Dave Becker