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  by Tadman
Genessee and Wyoming is making noise about closing the Huron Central. Does that mean the Via Budd cars to White River are threatened?
  by briann
I don't think so. Sudbury to White River is CP mainline. Huron Central is Sudbury to Sault Ste Marie.
  by Tadman
Thanks, it appears I confused the two lines.

After looking at a map, I would love to ride the Huron Central but not sure how. It appears to follow the lake most of the way.
  by mdvle
Only passenger service up there will be the Canadian on CN, and Sudbury - White River on CP.
  by BAR

There was a speeder excursion on the Huron Central in 2016. We travelled from Sault St. Marie to Espanola where we spent the night in a motel adjacent to the tracks and then returned the next day. It was not very scenic and we were not close to the lake for most of the trip. Good for rare miles though.