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  by XC Tower
Looking for information on these cars. I only know that there are two single-level ones planned for use on the "Canadian".
Thank you for any help.

  by Ken V
The Panorama cars are not exactly new. VIA acquired them in 2002 after BC Rail got out of the passenger train business. Two of these cars have been used on the Canadian between Edmonton and Vancouver during peak season for many many years now. What is new is one in three departures of the Canadian will run without a Panorama.

You can find more information at https://corpo.viarail.ca/en/projects-in ... omed-coach" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by XC Tower
Thank you.....Interesting....While not the same as a traditional dome-car, they look like a single level version of Amtrak's Sightseer Lounge cars.....
Once again, I appreciate the information...

  by Rockingham Racer
Yes, that's what they are. I rode one in May, and even then, it was stifling hot in that car.
  by Tadman
I like them better than the Superliners. The windows are much bigger and the view is much better. Also, the seats are normal coach seats, very comfy. The Superliners seats are cramped and smaller, I think so people don’t get too comfortable and set up shop all day. They intend for those seats to be temporary so everybody has a turn.
  by jp1822
There are three (3) Panorama Cars that VIA has altogether, just to be clear.

In the past, during peak season, when the Canadian operated three days a week, the Panorama Cars operated between Edmonton and Vancouver ONLY. Car was added in Edmonton, or dropped in Edmonton.

Now that the Canadian is running only two days a week for the entire jounrey from Toronto to Vancouver, it takes three consists to make that trip. Till the Prince Rupert "Touring Class" starts up in June (which is to operate with a Panorama Car), all three Panorama Cars will operate on the three Toronto to Vancouver Canadian consists. BUT once the Prince Rupert train begins its "Touring Class" operation in peak summer season, this train is to run with ONE of the Panorama Cars, thus leaving ONE of the Canadian consists SHORT of a Panorama Car operating Toronto to Vancouver.

Not sure if it would work out better for the Panorama Cars to be switched in/out of the consists at Winnipeg when the Canadian trainsets will only have TWO Panorama Cars assigned to it. When the Panorama Cars were first purchased from BC Rail, all three were assigned to the Prince Rupert train in peak. I have always found them to be really nice cars, and thought they worked out nicely as "Touring Class" cars on the Prince Rupert train. The Canadians already have their nicely branded ex-CP Budd stainless steel Skyline and Park Cars.

It would be nice if they could purchase another Panorama Car. Only other places I've seen them operated is on the Rocky Mountaineer (Silver Leaf Service cars) and up in Alaska.

VIA's got some interesting assignments among its Ocean, Canadian, Prince Rupert and Hudson Bay trains this peak season though!