Discussion of Canadian Passenger Rail Services such as AMT (Montreal), Go Transit (Toronto), VIA Rail, and other Canadian Railways and Transit

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  by NH2060
Yes I am aware of that. But there has been no other movement through that area AFAIK so the consist that derailed had to be that one, not a rake of VIA Rail cars. If there was there would no doubt be photos online and /or videos on YouTube by now.
  by Matt Johnson
Not bad, but I prefer the Brightline and long distance Amtrak ALC-42 variants. This one looks like it's missing a piece in the middle!
  by NH2060
Not 100% perfect (I think a very dark green window band would have been a better fit vs black), but I LOVE the bold new look for the new trains. The VIA SC-44s blow away every other Charger livery to date (though the Metro-North unit renderings are not far behind).
  by jwhite07
The VIA RAIL CANADA letterboard on the coaches is a nice touch. Now if they'd only stuck with that spruce green instead of black...
  by NH2060
Agreed on both. The letterboards are a nice touch though the green would be a better look for VIA and more properly reflective of Canada than even the original blue and yellow livery colors.