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  by missthealcos.
The RDC2 is the IRSI demonstrator, the RDC1(6130) is (or was anyway) owned by was leased to Via and used on the E&N a couple of years ago..the removal of the Via stripes is a recent change.

Hmm, TRE is done with them eh? was wondering what was going on there....Via should absolutley look into that opportunity, Anyone here in a position to make sure they are aware they may be available?
  by Tom6921
No, TRE is still using the RDCs and according to Trains, have no plans to retire them. I rode a TRE RDC train on Jan 26th.
  by buddah
There back in service again .. well good for TRE bad for VIA. Reports from all sources keep going back and forward that there going to be fully sidelined once they get enough locomotive hauled stocked. I remember in 2006 the RDC's were stored as well. I don't just rely on Trains mag. for all my info.

first time they were stored:
  by ENR3870
chriskay wrote: Also, the overall pant scheme looks new. Those were probably sent out west for the Vancouver Island service.

For those wondering what the refurbished VIA RDC's look like, they have the blue stripe above the windows similar to the HEP1 cars: