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  by RailVet
These two Army GP10s, based in Westfield, MA, and belonging to the 1205th Transportation Railway Operating Battalion, are to be sold as government surplus. The 1205th, headquartered in Middletown, CT, inactivated in mid-July, used the Pioneer Valley Railroad site in Westfield for training. The 226th Transportation Company (Railway) at nearby Westover Air Reserve Base, formerly attached to the 1205th, remains active but apparently is not authorized two locomotives. The 1205th website at


has not been updated to reflect the inactivation.

  by usa4624
This is a shame. These will be the first 2 Army GP10s to leave the US Army Fleet.
  by CVRA7
Sorry to hear of the disposal of the 4601 and 4602. I broke in the 4602 during the 1205th active duty at MOTSU during the first gulf war, it had recently been received from Paducah rebuild shop. 4601 was a former GP9, 4602 was built as a GP18 with a factory low nose., and was my favorite of the two.
Engine 4601 was informally named "Pops" in honor of the late Sgt. Wally Lavender, an NY MTA employee who had first served in the military during the Korean War. He was one of the many MTA employees in the 1205th whose professional experience on the NY subways made the 1205th such an effective unit. Wally had passed away shortly before the gulf war activation.
  by RailVet
At last report both locomotives were still in the Pioneer Valley Railroad's yard, and they've yet to appear on the DRMO website for disposal. It's possible they could be acquired by another military service or government agency, but it's not likely.
  by RailVet
The 1205th's two locomotives have been acquired by the Tennessee Valley Authority via GSA for use at two fossil plants where fuel is delivered by rail. One unit will be located at a TVA plant in upper east Tennessee, and the other unit will be located at a TVA plant in Kentucky. At last report the 4602 was still in MA but now wears TVA on its side, while the 4601 has not been seen there for some time.