• updated LV Caboose survivor list.

  • Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.
Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

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  by scottychaos
New list!

http://gold.mylargescale.com/Scottychao ... umber.html

please check it out, and if you know any of these cabeese personally, please check for updates or changes.
also, there are several survivors listed whose LV number is unknown, we need to track those down! :)
thank you to Roger Kirkpatrick for compiling this list.

(I havent updated the list on the actual LV survivors webpage yet, I will do that later tonight)

  by Drawhead
Here's some information you might want on some LV cabs.When i bought my cab 95026 from Renovo back in Feb. of 1995 there were a total of 24 LV cabs for sale on the property.While making 3 trips there i made up a list of all numbers of the cabs located there at the time and took some pictures of several.Of the 4 cabs that ended up going over to Titusville Pa.on the list there is a question mark next to LV95069? that cab was never at Renovo for sale "95009" was there and would be the correct number for that 4th caboose that went to Titusville Pa.On the caboose that went to Las Vegas it is most likely 95112 wich was also for sale at the time in Renovo.In a letter i recieved from John Koehler back in Oct. of 2000 he mentioned he knew 95112 went to either Arizona or New Mexico then but i would say it most likely ended up in Las Vegas.If you want a list of the 24 LV cab numbers that were there at Renovo in Feb.1995 let me know.At the time when i bought mine i also bought the video tape of the cabs fors sale there wich also helps to show the numbers on some.A few years back i went over to Canton Ohio to check out the caboose off I-77 at exit 101 by the truck stop as i wanted to take some pictures and see if i could locate it's LV number.At the time the cab was being used as i ice cream stand but it was closed.It was painted a bright red and the paint was thick as i couldn't find any number or lettering showing thru at any angle in the sunlight like you can on some cabs.I also looked underneath on the frame and wheelsets hoping a stenciled number or something could be found.No such luck! The caboose has a deck with a roof along one side but it is not attached to the caboose.A few of the side windows facing the deck were used to serve the ice cream.All 4 of the cast type caboose steps have been torched off half way for some odd reason.One thing that amazed me was that the caboose still had its original LVRR marked cast side frames on both wheelsets! Basically the caboose didn't look too bad.It did have the cushion underframe and the slightly flush steel roofwalk and had two square end windows on both ends.I guess we can pretty much rule out it being of the last two caboose groups built LV 95104-95125 built from July 1945 - Nov. 1945 and LV 95126 - 95140 built March 1946 to May 1946.So the Canton caboose must fall into being one of the first 6 groups built from July 1937 up to June 1945 wich narrows it down somewhat! The LV cab 95088 down at Cedarville Ohio was a real site for sore eyes back in Feb,2001 when i checked on it.Both it and PRR cab 477725 were rusting away badly and both had missing windows! I havn't bothered to go back down and visit that one again as i didn't want to get sick.Hope it finds a new owner to give it lots of TLC! The other two remaining LV cabs in Crestline Ohio and Stony Ridge Ohio don't look two bad as they are being taken much better care of.

Fritz N. Kuenzel
  by Lehighrrgreg
My girlfriend and I just discovered 95127 or 95125 (Cant Remember which) in Perkasie, PA. My inclination is that its 95127. Its all painted up in original colors and is in someones back yard. Owner is taking great pains to fix it up.