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  • Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.
Discussion related to the Lehigh Valley Railroad and predecessors for the period 1846-1976. Originally incorporated as the Delaware, Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna Railroad Company.

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  by steve coraggio

I am a Lehigh Valley RR fan from NJ. Today I was in Allentown, PA and did some exploring along Union Street. I found an old one track bridge on Union St. near the park across from the apartments. Also the old double track trestle, long out of service that goes over the creek not far from Union St. (Note homeless people have shelters on both sides of this trestle. I didn't encounter any of them today. The shelters have items showing that people are in them).

I had been looking at some of the LV books I have to get an idea of where Union Street interlocking had been. I was also on Union Street by South Third Street, also the location of the old double trestle. I saw some concrete remains, two that may have been for some type of building. I took pictures of what I mentioned here and will be posted on my contributor site at RR Picture Archives.Net. Just a guess was Union Street Interlocking located near Union St. & South 3rd St in Allentown?

If anyone knows please respond to me at Steve Coraggio, [email protected] Thank You
  by IRN750
Steve the tower was right where the current track crosses Union St. the double track bridge was the CNJ terminal RR to the passenger station .
  by steve coraggio

Thank you for your reply. I was studying the photo in the book, page 38, The Lehigh Valley Railroad, East Of Mauch Chunk, by William T. Greenberg and Robert F.Fischer.
The double trestle I saw today is pictured in that book behind Union Street Interlocking. I believe I was in the right place, just wanted to see where Union Interlocking was.
I know it has been gone a long time, I photographed what was there and posted tonight on my contributor site at rrpicturearchives.net, titled Allentwon Remnents.

I have read Mike Bednar's books on the Lehigh Valley. He did a very good job writing his books, showing the employees that worked for and on the LV.

Steve Coraggio
  by IRN750
Steve I just looked at your pictures and yes the foundation was where the tower stood. The CNJ crossed the LV across the street. The single track bridge was once part of the LV Barber Branch. It hard to imagine all that was there looking at it now.
  by steve coraggio
IRN 750,
Thank you again for answering my question about Union Street Interlocking and the Barber Branch. again I looked on page 38 of the LV book by Wm.Greenberg and Robert Fischer,
The Lehigh Valley RR East of Mauch Chunk page 38. I saw the double trestle bridge and signal mast, now I know what the small squared concrete supports were for at the bridge.
'I enjoy photographing things from another time in railroading, it shows what was once there and I also try to find out about whatever I photographed.

I enjoy photographing engines, rolling stock, etc., but I enjoy photographing remains of railroading from another time.
Glad you visited my contributor site at rrpicturearchives.net and enjoyed my pictures. I started as a Lehigh valley fan about two years ago in my local area mainly with the
Perth Amboy to South Plainfield, NJ Branch. I have some pictures of that branch as well and more to post. The Perth Amboy Branch is and isn't used in places. There is use in Perth Amboy, and parts of the trackage there have been removed or mother nature has taken over. A three mile section of that former line is now called the Middlesex Greeneway from A section of Woodbridge, NJ to Metuchen, NJ. I have found some remains on this section and photographed them. The remaining part of the Perth Amboy-South Plainfield Branch hasn't been in service for a long time and Mother Nature has taken control. This can still be walked as track remains in place but not used. The South Plainfield yard has been changed from what it once was as same for the wye that was there at another time, have to post those pictures they are from last year.
  by steve coraggio

A question, your reply to me today mentions that Union St.Interlocking stood where the foundation is. I presume that is the large foundation in the picture?
There was another foundation, which I photographed and was closer to Union St, it was square and had a rectangular concrete base closer to Union Street.
Any idea on what that may have been? I will use your information to edit my pictures and will mention you by IRN 750 as being the source of this information.

All the books I have on the LV are very good, again MIke Bednar's books are well written and he shows the employees who worked for the LV.
  by steve coraggio

I just edited the photo album to include your online ID here as helping me to identify these remains. Was the barber branch part of the LV or another railroad in Allentown?
Steve Coraggio.
  by IRN750
Steve just want to clear up some confusion the foundation next to Union St was the tower. The big concrete slab you see is most likely from an building that once was Morris Black. The Barber branch was LV and left the LV main at Union St and went around the back of Morris Black and then crossed the CNJ on a diamond on the otherside of that double track bridge you have in your pictures.
  by steve coraggio
Thank you for clarifying that information, which is useful too. I noticed a second foundation not far from the first one (Union St> where the Interlocking was. Is that what you are referring to here? besides Union Street Interlocking were there any other railroad buildings on the same land as Union St. Interlocking? I greatly appreciate the advice/information
you mention here. I only knew of the interlocking tower being there . Steve Coraggio
  by steve coraggio

I reread your post to me. What type of business was Morris Black? The LV books I have may not mention Morris Black, and show the interlocking and nothing else.
I find this interesting to find more about a place or rr facility. Steve Coraggio
  by steve coraggio

Thank you for the link on Morris Black .Steve Coraggio