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  by speccast68
I was wondering if someone here could give some info on the Radio frequency's Union Pacific uses on the main line between Lagrande, Or. and Nampa, Id. Also, any freq's the Nampa yard may use or where to find them. Thanks, Dan

  by The S.P. Caboose
The road frequency is 160.515, PBX frequencies are 160.290, 160.605 and 160.215. At La Grande, OR the switching frequency is 160.680. The line is dispatched by DS03 between Nampa and La Grande.

Enjoy the listening. :-)

A good place for frequencies is at Altamont Press. Their website is http://altamontpress.com and look for the PACIFIC NORTHWEST RAILFAN GUIDE.

  by speccast68
Thanks for the fast reply S.P. I had a couple of those but I was also missing a couple. I'm going to try them out later this week I hope. I tried your link to altamont press but I didn't find the pacific northwest railfan guide?? The line is dispatched on DS03, is there a list of northwest freqs. somewhere? All I have been able to locate pertain to California.
I try to get out to the mainline between Nampa, Id. and Baker City, Or. when my schedule will allow it, and I have missed several trains by minutes (camera put away) and I am hoping that the scanner will help with some train loacations. I may need to order a timetable from altamont.
Anyone else with any info or if you have more info S.P. on this streach of UP line would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dan

  by The S.P. Caboose
Try http://altamontpress.com/catalog/timetables.html this should help. They have several railfan timetables for sale. These timetables go line-by-line showing the stations, control points road and PBX frequencies and other information concerning that individual line.

Towards the back they supply things like addition frequencies, train symbols and miscellanous information.

DS03 dispatches the Huntington Subdivision between Nampa and LaGrande.

  by speccast68
Thanks again S.P. I ordered the northwest timetable yesterday. What is the freq. that DS03 uses for the Nampa line? Dan

  by The S.P. Caboose
Hi speccast68;

The road frequency is 160.740 which covers from Nampa to Pocatello. This line is dispatched by DS04. The PBX frequencies are 160.290, 160.605 and 160.215. There are a few yard frequencies for the yard at Pocatello. They are; 160.410 hump, 160.650 & 160.680 & 160.980 are for switching. 160.590-161.070 are the input and output for the car department.

In the regional timetable I have it doesn't have a yard frequency for Nampa. I'm thinking that a frequency that may work is 161.430. This is a road and yard frequency. It's used hee in the Los Angeles area at Gemco Yard, so it's just a guess on my part.

I hope you enjoy the timetable. It will list very line in the region by railroad. About the center of the timetable should be a map of the railroads, they will be color coded so you'll be able to tell who's who and where.

One of the trick I use is to program in the rear end device frequencies which are 452.9375 and 457.9375. They make a sound check so the crew knows the train is okay. Your scanner will be able to pick it up. It's a way to know if there's a train nearby in case you don't hear anybody talking to each other.

  by The S.P. Caboose
I believe that for this area the frequencies are: 161.160 DS74 Seattle-Tukwila; 161.415 DS75 Tukwila-Nisqually; 161.100 DS86 Nisqually-Vancouver Junction North; 161.250 DS31 Vancouver Junction North-Vancouver.

DS74 is the Seattle Terminal Dispatcher
DS75 is the Centralia North Dispatcher
DS86 is the Centralia South Dispatcher
DS31 is the Vancouver Terminal Dispatcher