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  by 62577
I photographed this locomotive http://members.multimania.co.uk/railsin ... 12718.html from a passing Amtrak service between Buffalo and Chicago in the early morning of 21st September 2007. Not even sure of the location but we had left Buffalo a couple of hours late due to an incident to the east of Buffalo and we had seen the shore of Lake Erie a little earlier. Just wondered if anyone can identify the model, operator and give a possible location? From the timing on the photo we were about 40 minutes before the photographs of EJ&E locos 813 & 616, on the same page http://members.multimania.co.uk/railsin ... ca/070921/ and a little under 2 hours from Chicago.
  by mowingman
The model is either a GE 44 ton, or a GE 65 ton. It looks to have the real thick deck plate, although the photo is of poor quality. If it does have the thick deck plate, it is a 65 tonner. Thin deck plate, it would be a 44 tonner.
Have no idea as to who owns it.
  by 62577
OK, thanks Jeff. My guess it was somewhere in the South Bend area as it was 2 hours after the Toledo stop. Difficult to get a good shot through the dirty window of a moving sleeping car!
  by RailVet
A friend was able to identify this one as ex-US Army (later USAF) 1665, a GE 80-ton.
  by 62577
OK, thanks for the help, searched with your info and found this topic contains more.


MOW1 USA#1665 #31372 To CSS&SB in 19??; sold
2006 to feed mill in
New Carlisle, IN,
currently still in shops yard