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  by Pensyfan19
I was going through some old concepts of proposed Pennsy concepts during the 40s, with one of the most notable being the PRR V1 Steam Turbine. As I looked further, I eventually found concept art (developed by Raymond Loewy and Assistant Chief of Motive Power Carleton K. Steins) of something known as a triplex, a GG1-inspired EMU for Pittsburgh service, and even a Schienenzeppelin! Does anyone know of other concept art/sketches of such proposed Pennsy railcars and engines from around this time?
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  by Allen Hazen
I don't think I had ever seen any of these: thank you for posting!
Do you have dates for them? I don't think anybody after the 1930s would have thought the "Schienenzeppelin" idea merited even concept art. The middle one looks as if it might be related to the EMC articulated trains built for the Union Pacific and Illinois Central, with a different nose treatment. (And what looks like a bit more crash-absorbing stuff in front of the operating cab than those designs: perhaps this was a "What would a UP/IC articulated train look like if it took into account the crash safety thoughts we incorporated into electric locomotive design when we went from the P5a to the P5am?). The bottom one looks as if it has drive wheels similar to the T1 (or S1), but the large number of axles in front of the driver, and the very long nose, suggest that it maybe incorporates a firebox-in-front boiler, with coal in the nose as in the Baldwin-Westinghouse steam turbine electrics.
(Imagine either of these at Union Station in Chicago, with a Baldwin/Allis-Chalmers "Centipede" gas turbine electric on the next rack!)