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  by Gadfly
Not a turntable, but NS's Charlotte, NC Roadway Equipment Shops has something called "the rabbit", and it is a sliding table designed to match various shop bays. Locomotives CAN use this to shove equipment in, allow track machinery to travel between bays or out in the shop yards. From Tracks 1 thru 12 (I think that's the number of bays), equipment can be moved from place to place. There is a smaller "rabbit" that carries machinery from the "old" back shop to the new shop and this rabbit can drive up onto this table that matches the rearmost shop bays. The pit in which this thing sits is rather deep and great care is used to prevent equipment from falling down in there! Yes, that DID happen one day while I was still employed there and there was heck to pay over it! Several men had to jump clear when the brakes (or so they say :wink: ) failed! That's when a local rule was enacted that said that anytime equipment was moved anywhere near (with a specified distance) that pit, the rabbit must be aligned to the track on with the equipment is moving. (Makes sense, eh? :P ) It sure made a heck of a racket when the machine FELL in the pit!!! Took one Galion crane and one 50 ton crane (one on each end for balance) to lift the machine out! LMAO!!!!!!!! Shop Superintendent NOT amused by the spectacle! (And just what are YOU laughing at?") :P

  by amtrakhogger
Amtrak still utilizes a turntable at the north end of Ivy City Engine Terminal in Washington DC but also turns power on the wye as well.
  by atsf sp
Gadfly, thats a transfer table. GE uses one at there Erie plant. The old SP shops in Sacramento has one, and MMA Derby shop uses one.
  by Otto Vondrak
Passenger wrote:Are turntables used at all any more? I mean in heavy rail operations.

Please narrow down your request and try again. We're not going to list every turntable in operation everywhere.