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  by kiddnormal
Does anyone know when the tracks that ran up both sides of Kittaning Point we're abandoned? Also, if you happen to know their final destination, that would be great also. I have old family photos showing turnouts from the curve going to both sides and would like dates to go with them.
  by CarterB
The line up Glenwhite Run (southern edge of Kittanning Point) went up to mines/quarries up near Elstie past Glen White. In 1915, it was shown as being owned by the Glen White C & L Co. Shows up on Blair County map as such as late as 1941 and again in 1962. Not sure about the one up Kittaning Run, but there were a lot of mines up that way as well. A 1904 map shows it going up beyond Coupon to Kittanning Gap to a mine. iN 1916 it was shown as owned by the Kittanning Run RR. Gone by the 1941 Blair County map. No idea when either was torn out.