Discussion relating to the B&O up to it's 1972 merger into Chessie System. Visit the B&O Railroad Historical Society for more information. Also discussion of the C&O up to 1972. Visit the C&O Historical Society for more information. Also includes the WM up to 1972. Visit the WM Historical Society for more information.
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FYI - Latest Classic Trains has an article on turbine locomotives; latest issue Trains has an article on Super Power steam which flogs C&O's steam locomotives from the standpoint of mgmt. decision making. Some interesting stuff to think about...

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The latest NRHS quarterly bulletin (they're behind timewise in issues; now sometime in 2003) has an extensive article on the C&O M-1, by Dr. Eugene Huddleston.

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In this day of high petroleum prices, would it not be worthwhile to restudt the economics of coal powered turbine locomotives ?

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Most of you probably know or have heard over the years that the C&O M1 500's were a failure. Recently there has been information and research showing that prior information is wrong. The M1's were actually a sucess only downside to them were the coal strike in 1948 and at the time they were not economical against diesels. Had it been 20 years earlier they would been the main power for the C&O and other Railroads. I'd say in today's world the M1's and the Jawn Henry would be a good choice verses there diesel counterparts. Only problems the M1's faced was when the 500 first ran its trials the fireman didnt know how to fire it correctly. After all the bugs were worked out. 500 and 501 and 502 were outstanding runners. One of them reached a speed of 110 between Russell Ky and Cinnicinati OH. They were all scrapped by 1950. Out of all the C&O steam i wish they could have saved one M1 to show the future generations.

Scott Greathouse
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