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  • Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.
Discussion of General Electric locomotive technology. Current official information can be found here: www.getransportation.com.

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  by Allen Hazen
The recent(*) "Trains" magazine special issue "Locomotives" has, on pp. 18 and 19, two detail photos of the truck frames on GEVO locomotives. The foundry trademark is an S with the central portion split: imagine two hooks laid side-by side with shanks parallel, each hook's shank pointing into the bowl (? is there a name for the curved, business-end, of a hook?) of the other. Beside it are assorted numbers and "MADE IN RSA": I assume that means Republic of South Africa?
Is this GE's normal supplier of truck castings? and: whatever happened to Adirondack Steel Castings, which, from at least the 1960s into at least the 1980s, was one of GE's main sources for these components?
(The article on GEVOs is 12 pages: some nice pictures, production summary, text that didn't reveal much I didn't already know but that might be informative to someone new to locomotive watching.)
(*) Published some time in second half of 2006-- I just saw my first copy two days ago, but I live in Australia. Copyright 2006 but with the legend "Trains Magazine Speciual Edition 1-2007."
  by amtrakhogger
I am not surprised that parts are imported to manufacture locomotives.
Not that I think this would happen, but I would not be too surprised
if GE closed Erie and built its locomotives in Mexico or elsewhere
overseas for import to this country (USA.)

  by Tadman
Dunno bout Adirondack, but Chicago Castings just closed their foundry on Laramie in Cicero, the first suburb out of Chicago. I don't know if they supplied GE trucks, but I've seen freight car trucks and couplers on the dock there. Now it's owned by Progressive Rail, and they just machine old couplers in part of the plant.

  by Engineer Spike
Adirondack was just across the main tracks from D&H's Colonie shops and Watervliet Arsenal.

  by nickleinonen
Is this GE's normal supplier of truck castings?
the rsa cast hi ad trucks have been under ge's for a few years now... our older d9's still have the made in canada cast on the trucks, but the new units [cn26xx] have had the rsa trucks.. almost identical, but i wish they had kept the holes in the journal box bolsters for holding the springs up in place when doing traction motor change outs [now you need to drop the springs, or make keeperplates instead of using brake keys to hold the springs in place]

  by Tadman
Speaking of trucks and wheels, how does this (see below link) happen, Nick?
http://rides.webshots.com/photo/1337739 ... 0517iRxFsp

I've seen some pretty damages wheels in my day, but nothin like that.

  by mxdata
That happens with a cutting torch. See the nice straight edges and the discoloration near the edge of the cut, also the radial appearance of the ridges in the metal at the tread. . Looks like they had a defect in the wheel and cut the section out to send to the lab.

Allen, the foundry business in addition to being very dirty, produces a lot of byproducts that are considered hazardous wastes, and the industry has generally been unwelcome in the US since the mid-1970s. It would not surprise me if the suppliers of truck frames are in Mexico or South Africa now.