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  • General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.
General discussion about fallen trolley and interurban lines in North America, past and present.

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  by jaystreetcrr
How could I forget this one? The Delancey Street terminal at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan had a number of tight radius loop tracks where various trolley lines from Brooklyn terminated after they came over the bridge. You can see it by going to the east end of the Brooklyn bound J/M subway platform and looking across the tracks at the big cavernous space. Look carefully and you'll see the loop tracks in the concrete floor. No signs of any overhead structure. As you ride the subway over the bridge the route of the tracks is there to your right, then it's cut off before you come out of the ground where it used to go where the highway traffic is now. Hmmmm...an awesome site for the Manhattan Trolley Museum?
There's also a nice terra cotta kiosk entrance to a former underground trolley terminal on the Manhattan side of the 59th St. bridge.
  by 3rdrail
Are you close enough for pics, Jay ? Always like to see archeological pics !
  by jaystreetcrr
Any pictures I could take won't do it justice. It just looks like another dank dirty subway station with a lot of extra space on the other side of the tracks. I wonder if the Transit Museum or any other group has ever done a tour? You'd have to be in the space with some decent lighting for a photo, perhaps take a push broom to the rails embedded in concrete, and the MTA doesn't look too kindly on trespassers.
  by JAP
Claremont Railway and Lighting Company car barn #1 is still standing on Layfayette st. in Claremont NH. The second car barn was to the right and behind car barn #1. although all the tracks have been removed from the front of the building, most of the building remains unchanged. I am unsure who owns the car barn but i know its being used for storage of what looks like construction equipment. I will try to post a current picture of the car barn. The following link has a couple of pictures of the car barns, http://davesrailpix.com/odds/nh/nh.htm#cr. If anyone knows who owns the car barn or where i could find out who owns it I would love to go inside and photograph the interior.
  by JAP
I forgot to mention, all of the information I can find dates the Claremont Railway and lighting Company car barn to 1903