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  by nightsky
I am new to trains. We didn't have them (as a way to commute) in the midwest like I have them here in the northeast. I am going to start taking the metronorth to New Haven, but have no idea what transportation is around at the station. Do taxis hang out there? Is there a bus? Can I take a bike on the train and ride to my office? Is the area even safe to walk in?
  by davidp

I don't have an answer to your question but would suggest you post it on the MTA/Metro-North forum as this page is pretty much an historical discussion of the old New York, New Haven and Hartford RR which has been gone for forty years.

Regarding rail commuting in the Midwest, I guess you're coming to us from somewhere other than Chicago :-)
  by charlie6017
Moved to MTA/Metro North! ;-)
  by TomNelligan
There are plenty of taxis at New Haven station, and frequent Connecticut Transit buses to the Green with connections throughout the city. As for the neighborhood, there's a housing project across the street, but the New Haven police station is across the street too. Late-night walking might be an issue but I've never felt uncomfortable around there during the day.

State Street station, to the east, is basically just platforms. No taxis and far fewer trains, but you're closer to the downtown business district if that's where you're headed.
  by mfd1225
Plenty of cabs and CT Transit buses right out in front of the station (Union Station). As for bikes on the trains, off peak trains accept bikes. Check out the MTA website for bike pass information. I think it is something like $5 for a year or longer.
  by The Interloafer
Bikes permits are $5 for LIFE! Valid only on off-peak trains. I used to commute to New Haven via Metro-North and walk six or seven blocks to my office. It was a perfectly fine walk.
  by Noel Weaver
There is good bus service between the Green and the Station in New Haven. In addition inside the station near the east end
of the building is a timetable rack containing timetables for the city bus routes in and around New Haven.
The New Haven area is pretty transit friendly and there is reasonably decent bus service in and around the city.
Noel Weaver
  by njtmnrrbuff
The area around Union Station isn't too bad. Just watch your back, and keep your ears open at all times. There is quite a bit of security around the station too.
  by nightsky
Thanks! This helps a lot.

Another question, which I am sure has been covered, but I could not find in a quick search - why is the cost of a ticket so expensive??
Is it due to lack of riders?

If a round trip ticket from NYC to new Haven is $26-30 (I am not counting $4 in subway far to get to the MTA north), and it is only $15 to drive (fuel etc) total for the same trip, how can the train system lure people from their cars? I only make this trip 2 x a week, and I drive in off-peak hours, so traffic is usually not an issue. I want to take the train for other reasons. Still, the cost is hard to swallow.
  by Tadman
I can't speak to the fare structure, but you might want to explore a monthly pass or a 30-ride pass, or something of that nature. Usually regular commuters buy a pass and it cuts them a break on the cost of travel. You can also buy an MTA pass for the subway, and again I'm not sure what it will save you, but it's worth looking at their website for the different passes. One of the locals will be able to direct you to the correct pass.
  by DutchRailnut
74 miles x 2 = 148 miles for $30 comes to about 0.20 per mile. lots cheaper than car mileage at 0.45 per mile plus parking in NY for $35 or so.
  by RDL 879
Suggest you go to http://www.mta.info/mnr/index.html for the best information, or call 212-532-4900 :-D
  by Tommy Meehan
If this gentleman goes twice a week and strictly off-peak his cheapest option is probably a 10-trip off-peak ticket. Buying over the web site -- allowing 2-3 days for the tickets to be delivered through the mail -- gives additional savings of about 5%.

The 10-trip tickets are good for about 90 days I believe.
  by TacSupport1
nightsky wrote: .....and I drive in off-peak hours, so traffic is usually not an issue.
On I-95 and the Merritt Parkway, traffic is ALWAYS an issue! I would pay more to take the train over a car anytime!