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Pertaining to all railroading subjects, past and present, in New Jersey

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  by EugeneV.Debs
When are some good times to see passing freight trains at the Riverline's 36th St. station in Pennsauken, which is right outside of Pavonia yard?

Also, has anyone noticed, while going through Walter Rand station in Camden on the Riverline, you can see Camden's Public Service headquaters which still says "Gas", "Electric" and "Railway"?

  by EugeneV.Debs
Chu-Chu Bob, those older GE U-boats at Pavonia, who are they owned by? Do you happen to know their history? They wouldn't happen to be ex-Lehigh Valley would they?

  by JJMDiMunno
Those GE units are owned by Pennsy Supply, formerly Wimpey Minerals, an industry located in Pavonia. This company receives the stone cars from NS 64Q, the Annville unit stone train...

As for the freight train times, I'd suggest you go there between 8AM and 11AM to catch CSX Q418 leaving town for Selkirk...NS 49G will leave for the Harrisburg Line and it's trip west between 7AM and 9AM...so in other words if you go between 7AM and 11AM, you'll most likely get both Q418 and 49G. NS 48G will come in around 5 or 6:00PM, passing the station around that time. CSX Q417 is out of the question unless you want to camp out there...that comes in around 1:00AM. Local CA-01 generally leaves for Frankford Junction and beyond at sometime around 12 noon...sometimes a little later...might as well stick around for that if you have time on your hands...usually draws some sort of six-axle road power...

Hope this stuff helps.

  by EugeneV.Debs
Thanks, your information did help a lot.

  by Irish Chieftain
Be careful when saying "River Line" in this particular forum though; people may take you to mean the Conrail River Line in Bergen County (ex-NY Central, ex-New York, West Shore & Buffalo RR, and former NYO&W route to NYC). NJ Transit's "River LINE" is still the Bordentown Secondary and Camden & Amboy to most people in here...
  by OCtrainguy
I may head out to the NJT Riverline on Saturday and take a ride on the line. I do have a few questions that perhaps someone can answer. With the opening of the line, what now happens, or has happened to, Camden Yard local WPCA29 and Burlington Yard local WPBU29? Also, when riding the Riverline, is it at all possible to see anything in Burlington City Yard? Or is the yard close to the station? Any information would be appreciated.
  by chuchubob
There's no freight activity north of Hatch between 6 AM and 10 PM.

WPCA-20 can operate on the Mount Holly branch during the day; its track crosses the River Line on a diamond at Hatch and is controlled by the River Line controller (I think they don't use the terms dispatch/dispatcher on the RL).

Lots of freight cars and sometimes some power are present in the Burlington City Yard, which is adjacent to the River LINE.

Pavonia Yard in Camden is active during the day, since Conrail and the River Line have separate tracks from Hatch south. NS and CSX trains move between Pavonia and Philly via the Delair Bridge during River Line hours.
  by OCtrainguy
Took a ride on the NJT Riverline on Saturday between 36th Street and the Walter Rand station. The train was fairly crowded to/from 36th Street station. Got a pretty good view of the motive power at Pavonia, including some Southern Secondary veterans.

If I wanted to take a ride up to Burlington to see what's in the yard there, which station would I get off at? I saw on the timetable that there are two Burlington station stops.
  by chuchubob
Burlington City Yard is north of Burlington City, so you'd exit at Burlington Towne Centre and hoof it north a mile or two, pausing at the Assiscunk Creek bridge for a photograph or two.

http://community.webshots.com/photo/786 ... 7927svuzdy

When the bridge was rebuilt for the River Line, the red center span and the two center concrete piers were retained from the 1913 PRR bridge; the rest is new.