• Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by kpiersol
shadyjay wrote:What has become of the 488
Sunning itself outside the shop today.
  by jhdeasy
kpiersol wrote:Here's an image of M&E #18 flying through Convent Station a little past noon today w/what I think was the Penobscot Bay (it was just a blur). The M&E passenger car "shuttle" on the NJT Morris Line usually tiptoes through at about 15mph; this guy was haulin' at at least 45mph. Does anyone know the idenity of the passenger car (it was definitely M&E):

http://kpiersol2.rrpicturearchives.net/ ... id=1245298
it is not easy to tell from the acute angle at which the photo was taken, but the car looks like a Budd built food service car (note the window pattern and no sign of a vestibule) of ATSF ancestry, so I think it is PENOBSCOT BAY.
  by kpiersol
A couple of times in the last few days I have heard M&E trains holding at what I think was "Baker." Where is "Baker?"
  by Tri-State Tom
BAKER is the interlocking/cross-overs just West of Morristown station and up above the M&E yard/headquarters.
  by PVRX1
As of 8pm last night, the following power was outside at Morristown:

18, 19, 563, 7205, 4231, 487?, and caboose 4
  by RS115
Haven't made it to Morristown in awhile till after work today. Some oddities:

Sitting tied down on the main at Ridgedale is the collection of stuff that's normally in the run-around there. Currently 7204 (long hood off and prime mover gone - presumably next stop is a scrapper's torch), 4231, a flat car with misc shrink-wrapped stuff on it, the M-420 (forget the number) and the 22. Switches were lined for the siding and the line has been active in the last few days as I've heard horns from work. Any ideas why the shift?

At the engine house 18 was outside on 1 with caboose #4 tied onto it. 563 and one of the M&E owned Comet I's were on track 3 alongside the house.

At Whippany at lunch time, 21 is on the run-around tied to the Mount Vernon. The Plymouth is on the house track. The museum has begun fixing up (cosmetically) the 385 - she has her stack and bell back and the smoke box has been painted. Sitting in front of her (new within the last week if memory serves as to when I was last there) is the 0-4-0 that arrived with 385.

  by R36 Combine Coach
563 now has RRPX markings. Just noticed it.
  by jhdeasy
RS115 wrote:At Whippany at lunch time, 21 is on the run-around tied to the Mount Vernon.
MOUNT VERNON just returned to home base (M&E @ Whippany) after completing a New York - Cincinnati - Chattanooga - Cincinnati - Chicago - Washington - Newport News - New York trip, July 23 - August 3, for owners and friends, on Amtrak and Norfolk Southern. The Cincinnati - Chattanooga - Cincinnati segment of the journey was in the consist of the Cincinnati Southern Railway's 2008 inspection trip of their line, also known as the Cincinnati New Orleans & Texas Pacific (CNO&TP), which is leased to NS.
  by Btkspot89
I heard from a source that the 22 has its Prime mover back in and it is running. My friend said he saw it in whippany for the military day there. Or did the ME just throw its back cover on and push it over there? can anyone confirm this?
  by Angus202
This is quite interesting. My understanding of the 22's holdup AFTER having the Sulzer swapped back out for an EMD 567 was that when Morrison Knudsen frankensteined this locomotive together as their shop switcher, certain modifications were made to the inside of its long hood. When the M&E attempted to put the hood back on after the transplant, it wouldn't fit or there were connections unable to be made to hood mounted devices... something of that nature. This is why the long hood was wrapped in tarps while it's sat around the ridgdedale ave siding for so long. If it was out at all, I'm guessing those issues, whatever they were, have been taken care of, great! For as long as I can remember this engine has been "the rolling billboard" or "the rolling tool bench", I can't remember ever seeing it move under it's own power on M&E property (if it ever in fact did). In fact, before the M&E began it's locomotive frenzy a few years back with the purchase of the 4 ex CP Centuries years ago, the only time it came out of the shop was for the Hoboken festival - where it was towed by 18. Can anyone else confirm this loco's status? I hope you're buddy didn't see the 20 and confuse it for the 22 being they have similar paint schemes.
  by Btkspot89
I was driving past the run around today and it looks like my friend was wrong (atleast to my eyes) I could have sworn I saw 22 still sitting there with the blue tarp covering it. Not sure maybe my eyes decieved me. I have not had the chance to drop by whippany either so I cannot confirm if it is sitting over there. Don't get me wrong it would be a beautiful thing to see 22 run but I think its still sitting over on the run around. :( ohh well I hope they do something with that soon. I would also like to see them move or get the RS 11 7215 (which is sitting over by the 287 overpass in whippany) running as well. They have all this cool stuff but alot of it just sits!! :P
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  by Nova55
Apparently 20 is now working NY Container Terminal in Staten Island according to Railpace.