• Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by Btkspot89
Sandy Burton wrote: By the way, 7205 is in the house getting a fresh coat of black paint. At least that was the situation a few days ago.

I will need to see that!! I plan on dropping by the Shops today during lunch and give an Update. But the M&E is planning to save 7205 and 7210 no scrapping them?

  by PVRX1
Tropicana gang beat up their last M&E engine amonth or three ago. The leasing arrangements are no more.

Anyone have an idea why these ALCOs are in storage. 4216 has wheel damage / flat spots from Tropicana; 4231- ?, 7215- ?.

  by denvillerailfan
20 WB through Denville with baggage car... 11/8

Wonder if 18 is going to B+G today as usual...

  by RS115
No activity on Whippany line today. Went to Morristown at lunch time and found 563 and 18 back to back on Track 1 with the freshly painted 7205 on Track 2 with the Army Plymouth. All black with numbers already painted on but no sign of the red stripe that 7215 has though for the larger area they may be letting the black cure some more. 20 was out and about.

7210 was along side the house on track 3 - no one present while I was there but open hood doors indicated work in progress.

I noticed the other day that all the stored track equipment has been moved from the Morristown lumber lead but the one rail is still paved over before the crossing.

  by Btkspot89
Also to add on 7205 is looking like new with its new black paint scheme(still no lettering or stripes). I dropped by the shops yesterday afternoon. I was lucky, 563 was idleing outside with one of the M&E's cabooses and 7210 attached. I was about to leave when 563 started moving and did some switching work around the yard. It Moved 7210 to Track 1 and parked it in front of 7205. Then it took the caboose and moved that to track 2. In the canvas shop was 19 maybe? it was parked back far from view so I could not get the number. I was about to leave again when 20 came back with one of the chemical cars dropped it off on the run around and came back. Yes I took pictures of all of this activity. Sadly it was via cell phone camera :wink: I will post them this afternoon.

  by trainwayne1
With scrap steel prices near record highs, approx. $300 a ton, scrapping locomotives that would require a large amount or money to repair is a good way for the railroad to to raise a sizeable amount of cash that I'd guess could be used for a lot of different projects. I would guess that they've sold off or saved usable components like prime mover parts, traction motors ect.

  by RS115
Both 7205 (in fresh black paint with road number - no red stripe like 7215 and no markings of any kind I could see either M&E or RRPX) and 7210 (still in Erie Mining colors RRPX stenciled on cab) are both stored at S. Jefferson Road run-around as of Wednesday. They share the space with a bulkhead flat car recently at Morristown and the remains (basically frame/trucks and car ends) of the 2nd LIRR coach as well as the M&E self-propelled crane.

  by wolfboy8171981
Btkspot89 wrote:7205 is going to the RRPX I believe. Before it was re painted it had the RRPX stenciled on the side of the cab as well. Both I should be going to the RRPX once complete.
RRPX is a Locomotive Leasing company. They are the same group of people who own the M&E. For the record only #18,#19,#20 are owned by the M&E Railway. All other engines no matter what is painted on it's side is owned by RRPX.

  by Btkspot89
M&E 18 headed west bound towards Denville aroun 8:40... it has hauling more then normal today here was its line up. M&E Private car(not sure which one) then came M&E 4 (I think). After that came three chemical cars. I was thrilled to see that many cars, it has been a while since I have seen 18 hauling that many. I was also thrilled to see 18.. it has been a while. :-D
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