• Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by NorfolkSouthernSean
Morristown Shops:
Maine Eastern F40PH 291
Morristown & Erie C424 18
Morristown & Erie SW1500 20
Morristown & Erie TE50-4S 22 inside the shop

Near the Chevrolet Dealership:
QGR M630 2029
Maine Eastern F40PH 265
Morristown & Erie C425 4264

Morristown & Erie RS1 21

East Hanover Siding:
Morristown & Erie FL9 484
Morristown & Erie FL9 485
Morristown & Erie FL9 486
Morristown & Erie FL9 487
The former NJT Comet I's that M&E purchased are with the FL9's on the siding.
  by njt4172
Trainlawyer wrote:
NorfolkSouthernSean, in relevant part wrote:07/08/2006
Morristown Shops:
Maine Eastern F40PH 291

Near the Chevrolet Dealership:
Maine Eastern F40PH 265
So it would appear that as of the second week of July they have still not been delivered to Metro-North.

I understand from a back-channel message, which went through approximately three steps to reach me from it's source, that Metro-North's official excuse is that there are cab signal "issues" which are delaying the consummation of the lease. Since I doubt that it would take six months to swap out any necessary components from units going out for rebuild into the M&E units, I suspect that there is an underlying financial problem here.

Any comments, gentlemen?

Welcome back Mr. Trainlawyer!! Maybe the reason why M&E bought the MNCR 2017 was to strip it of its cab signals to be installed in the Main Eastern unit?? Why couldn't they just take the cab signals from the Amtrak FL-9's?? How much would it cost to install the existing cab signal equipment into the F40's?

  by Sirsonic
The F40's have Amtrak ACSES (Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System) equipment installed on them. This cab signal equipment is compatible with NJT cab signals. While those who maintain this equipment would need some training on its operation, I believe it is not too far off from how NJTs SES works (the ACSES part of the cab signal apparatus, which functions in cooperation with, but separately from the cab signals would not be used on NJT). Given that the locomotives sent out for rebuilding have started to return (4188 has returned and is in service) I seriously doubt these locomotives will turn a wheel in the service on MN or NJT.

  by DutchRailnut
ACES is no problem as ACES is downward compatible with Cabs/ATC.
we run Shoreline East units with ACES all time between New Haven and Stamford.
the two F40's currently at M&E were leased from Amtrak by Shoreline East and had ACES all along, they also were pieces of crap all along.
  by thebigham
thebigham wrote:Any corrections, please.

Just found this:


7212 - in M&E shop
7214 - scrapped 6/06
7215 - operating
7216 - scrapped 6/06

Where are the RS11s kept?



  by Alcoman
There is a M420W missing from the list as well as 4228 both of which will be returning to the M&E from Maine at some point.

  by Al Holleuffer
Five of the RS11's are stored in Lake Junction Yard and two others along with a CP C424 are in the NJT Morristown Yard. The rest are on the M&E's Whippany Line.

  by mountie17
Looks like 4223 has returned. Saw it coupled to 18 on the hill behind Staples this evening.

  by Al Holleuffer
That explains why the M&E crew with No. 18 were uisng the Center Street connection Thursday. Heard the M&E Dispatcher talking to them.

  by njt4172
M&E 4223 was dropped off at the north end of the Denville wye stub end track( back near the A&P). It was still sitting there as of this afternoon. Don't know why it is sitting there or when they plan to pick it up!

  by PVRX1
The Metro North FL9 has arrived at Morristown & is positioned next to the ME F40. The mechanical department is already working on it.

  by Jtgshu
I like the homemade rear headlight - they used two ditchlights next to each other!!!

looks great! but htey are gonna scratch that pretty paint if they keep parking it in the trees!

  by gravelyfan
The 20 was out today. I saw it EB near Mt. Tabor around 2:30 today with 6 tankers.

  by PVRX1
August 29th visuals

Track 1 out: Ohio River in: 4223
Track 2:out: 20 in: 2017
Track 3 out: private varnish #?#, lil' Plymouth critter
Track 4: 18, 557, 291
Track 5: 22 less prime mover, long hood, etc
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