• Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.
Discussion about the M&E, RVRR and SIRR lines of New Jersey, and also the Maine Eastern operation in Maine. Official web site can be found here: www.merail.com.

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  by LV TUG
Greetings, all!

A few observations and questions.......

On Monday, I saw a NS GP-something sitting in front of the Mo'Town engine house.....What was that there for? Re-fueling? Light contract work?

Would it be the same reason why I've seen a Conrail/CASO/NS train sitting on the "main" behind Warnock/Double D's on Ridgedale Ave. in the past?
Do they need to clear off NJT, hence they go and "hide" on the M&E?

Also, yesterday I spotted a Amtrak F40PH on the siding between Ridgedale Ave. And Abott Rd.......When did this show up? Will this be another M&E "corporate" engine like the FL-9's?

Just curious......!


  by njt4172
Yes, on occasion M&E refuels the engines for NS. Those F40's you saw were mostly likely purchased by the M&E as stated in the NJ Rail forum. As previously mentioned, M&E plans on storing a lot of their new acquisitions on the old Vornado Spur in East Hanover.

  by RS115
Monday and Tuesday former Amtrak 265 has been in front of the shop on track 1. Today it was running and judging from the amount/color of the exhaust at idle the prime mover needs some TLC. The other unit is still in the run-around by Ridgedale Avenue.

7215 was outside being worked on yesterday. Today it was inside on track 2 but being worked on. 4288 & 4223 (which finally has number boards after sitting months without them) were both tied up on track 3. 18 out on the road (also saw last week that 18 finally got a bath with the new(?) steam genie and looks good.

FL-9's 488 & 489 (the painted ones) are stored at the old Makar siding in Cedar Knolls (by S. Jefferson Road).

  by Legio X
How secure are these locomotives left stored on these spurs? Is vandalism a concern?
  by RS115
Today at Morristown the 7206 has been brought to town (I assume from Lake Junction though there was another Erie Mining unit sitting up on the hill recently - with the leaves in on the trees couldn't see if it was still there). It was sitting on track 4 coupled to the caboose. 7215 was inside today but outside yesterday. Lettering has been applied to the red stripe on the side and logos added high on the rear of the long hood. Rest of the engine is black. I hope that this is a one time experiment. The black shows dirt readily and the all black nose (other than handrails which are yellow) will not win any grade crossing visibility awards.

While I was there 18 came up the hill shoving #21 (the 'Pook Valley' RS-1) which was put on the track 5 lead and the ex-Royal Rail round end obs which was shoved deep into the house (into the new extension area) on track 2. The 4228 has been sharing the Ridgedale Ave run-around with the 2nd F-40 the past few days. The other F-40(265) is on track 3 and being worked on. 4223 sits on 3 in front of the bay door - don't know if it's really 'done' or not as it get moved around but have yet to see it on the road under power.

As to the previous post about vandalism; the M&E has been remarkably lucky over the years given the amount of 'targets' provided from the steam passenger train days (MCC/Whippany River) through the present. There have been few incidents of vandalism to my knowledge. Consider that for many years the Morristown interchange was packed nightly with cars on top of a very steep grade with an unprotected crossing (flashers didn't go in till the 80's) and a tight curve at the bottom. To my knowledge there was never any successful tampering. There was a cut of cars let go in the Essex Fells yard in roughly 1975 or 6 resulting in a bit of a mess (the derails worked).

Al can expand on that I'm sure.
  by Sandy Burton
Actually #7206 has been in Morristown for quite some time. It came down from Lake Junction with #7215. It was recently, about a week ago I believe, moved from its storage location on the hill into the shop. The other RS-11 on the hill is #7216.

Sandy Burton

  by njt4172
Wow, looks like the Pook Valley is being readied to get repainted into "Retro style M&E 15"

M&E must have their hands full!!!!!
  by RS115
RS-11 7207 is now sitting up on the hill at Morristown - guess it's the next candidate for mechnical evaluation.


  by RS115
Today (6/2) around 1:00 they fired up the 21 having pulled it out of the house (where it was yesterday) and moved it over to track 3 between the F-40 and the 4223. From the cloud of exhaust it was fired up just as I drove up. The exhaust plume gradually subsided to a more tolerable level but certainly there's work to be done.

Must admit it was nice to see an RS-1 running in Morristown again. Overall it looks like a used-loco lot ;-) Todays line up: Track 1 RS-11 7215 & FL-9 488, track 2 FL-9 489, track 3 265(F-40), RS-1 21, C-424 4223. 18 (C-424) out on the road earning a living. 4228 (C-424) and the other F-40 in the Ridgedale Ave run-around.

  by RS115
Update on Morristown based on recent observations (through yesterday didn't get there today). 21 (RS-1) has been running (exhaust looks rich for idle) and the yellow stripe with 'Pook Valley' is gone off the long hood covered in black. Small M&E logos placed on the cab sides and hood ends (cab # block including naming for Frank Black unmodified). Both Amtrak F-40's were in the shop area yesterday being masked off for painting (though they didn't appear to have had any steam cleaning or other prep work yet). 4223 & 4228 sitting together the latter running with 7215 in the house.

The two NJT F-40's at Jefferson Road have been being worked on by a couple of guys operating out of their car. Don't know who/can't tell what they're doing but focus seems to be on the 294 right now.

  by Angus202
7215 and 21 were out earning revenue today, bringing 3 tanks of corn syrup to roseland. Wish my server was up to post a pick of the consist.


  by RS115
Thought that might be what happened - heard strange horns at work this morning and went to Morristown at lunch to find both those engines gone. Were both engines working/mu'd?

Noticed on the way home tonight that F40 294 has been removed from Jefferson Road - it was there in the morning. Didn't get back to Morristown to see if it is now there.

  by PVRX
Former PVRX 21 did not have MU, but like Vermont Railway it could be done with some modifications.

  by Tri-State Tom
As of Monday night I was told one of the Amtrak F40's appeared to have had it's windows, lamps, etc., masked in preparation for presumedly a coat of primer....

My sourse didn't catch the road #.....sorry.

Can anyone confirm ?

  by RS115

Both of the ex-Amtrak units are covered for painting - strange though I would have thought they'd steam clean the crap off first as they've just used assorted pieces of cardboard and what appears to be duct tape. Not going to stand up well to water - unless they're going to sandblast.