• Train trip from Providence to Mansfield Mass.

  • Tell us where you were and what you saw!
Tell us where you were and what you saw!

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  by alex45
On Saturday, I took an 11:25 Commuter Rail from Providence Rhode Island, to Mansfield Mass. Before I got on the train, I saw 3 amtraks. A southbound Regional, A northbound regional, and a northbound Acela Express. I do have some videos of them, but I dont have the links at the moment cause im at school. Once the train pulled into the station, I saw that my train had 6 cars. 1 single level car, and 5 kawasaki's, 2 of them were 900 series cars. Brand new! The engine was an F40, #1054. When I was on the train, I saw an Acela Express fly by us. It was between South Attleboro and Attleboro. The power units were 2036, and 2011. Once I got to Mansfield, I saw a Regional going southbound thru the station at 125mph. Once again, I have a video, but ill give a link later when im at home. After about an hour of being at the station, a MBTA work train went buy. 2 engines, F40 #1069, and engine 902. Engine 902 (as some of you may know) caught on fire in Sharon Mass. Then once that went, the next train didnt come for like 45mins. The next train I saw was a commuter rail heading for Boston. All single level cars, Engine #1064. About 15 mins later, a northbound regional blasted thru the station at 125mph. After that, I hoped onboard a commuter rail back to Providence. IT WAS THE SAME ONE I HAD COMING TO MANSFIELD! Engine 1054, 6 cars.
I was hoping to be at the station when an acela express would pass thru, but there were like none that day. Only 2 northbound, and a few southbound. I would have stayed longer, but it was really cold. Hopefully better luck next time. But I was happy and got to see what I wanted.

  by David Benton
Thanks Alex , Interesting trip report .

  by alex45
Here are some of the links to my videos.
Amtrak regional 1
Amtrak regional 2
Amtrak Regional 3 (LOOK AT THIS 1!!!! BEST VIDEO OF THE DAY!!!)

Just some of my videos during the day
Heres a link for my profile

Enjoy! Comments are appreciated