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General discussion of computer gaming and railroad simulations. Topics include MS Train Simulator (MSTS), Auran Trainz, Railroad Tycoon, Railroad Dispatcher and more...

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So dovetail games the creator of train simulator is making Train Sim World(TSW for short). It will be a separate platform from train simulator all together so be advised your train simulator routes and train sets will not work on train sim world. There isn't much on the game yet but a video of the devs talking about it and some gameplay to!


If you buy TS2017 Pioneers Edition you get beta access to TSW!

It seems intresting and I'm excited about what the future of rail simulation can become with this. I am a bit upset all my content is not transferable but understandable since a clean slate is needed being that its a completely different engine.They say multiplayer will be included. I am actually excited about this and i'll explain why. I know people say that with multiplayer other people will just go around trolling, but this can be solved with code that disconnects a player and removes the set they were driving if they derail or run a stop signal.I am also intrested in being able to get out and explore the stations a bit.I picture parking a M3 set in WSY and then taking out a M7. Riding to hicksville as a passenger and taking a DE to Port Jeff. Taking an ALP46 from Trenton to Penn then parking at SSY and then taking and ALP45DP to Long Branch or Bay Head. So many possibilities on other lines to. London-Brighton also comes to mind. I would like to hear your inputs and thoughts.

Yep,still excited!
  by NaugyRR
I'm not quite sure yet how I feel about TSW.

I started off with MSTS way back when and ran that for the longest time and had a lot of time and money invested. After Windows 7 came out and the support for Raildriver with MSTS was lost unless you used Open Rails, I sorta migrated to Trainz and joined their community up through Trainz '10 Engineering Edition. After investing more time and money in that I eventually ended up where I am now, running DTG's Train Simulator. Of course it goes without saying I've spent A LOT of money on that, considering their DLC is more expensive than the MSTS add-ons I used to have shipped from the UK. I even just bought a nice new Lenovo tower that can play TS2017 at a decent frame-rate, where my old Acer Aspire compact couldn't even simulate the headlights shining on the ground ahead of you.

The DLC I have invested in the current program will probably be the main reason I hold off from going to TSW. I've got a strong collection as it is, and there's still thirty-or-so DLC's on my wish list that I just haven't been able to afford yet. Not to mention the countless Fan Railer and Armstrong Powerhouse upgrades I have, I don't feel quite ready to consider upgrading to a new program just to start from the ground floor and lose all my current investments.

Multiplayer doesn't really do much for me; even on Xbox I prefer to remain solo if possible. Run-8 currently has a multiplayer aspect to their program, and that must work pretty well as they're still movin' along, despite not being as recognizable as Trainz or TS; the only reason I really know of them is because 3DTrainStuff used to make MSTS add-ons.

I guess I'll wait and see how it looks and how long it takes for DLC to stop being made for TS, as well as if they offer the ability to play solo. If playing multiplayer is mandatory then I will probably stay away, unless they have a system similar to Forza's "Driveatar" set-up.

One rumor I've heard was the possibility of it being represented on console, which I would consider. Running trains on Xbox seems like an interesting concept.
One thing that I am taking into account which is why i'll probably get TSW is that they aren't abandoning Train Simulator either. Granted I'm more of a passenger route/revenue player and don't really do freight/cargo runs so i'll most likely hold off buying TSW until they release a passenger route for TSW that I'll be able to get into. And if i'm not on that route on TSW I can always hop back for some fun passenger runs on TS2017 and future yearly versions. They are really trying to take up more of the Train Simulation market with this.
  by NaugyRR
I hear you there lirr, I'm the same way. Unless the freight is pretty much a unit train running point to point, I'm usually running passenger. I just don't have the patience for switching and manipulating freight consists, especially when the scenarios are timing you, haha.
The BETA release was today. I'm liking the way its looking to start with. Haven't found a bug yet but, they still don't get the headlight concept. Went through a tunnel and the Headlights didn't even make a spec of difference in the tunnel. Here are some screenshots for you guys.

  by AndrejRail
The graphics are truly jaw dropping! i can't believe my eyes!
Today dovetail games announced the first add on for Train Sim World. Its a passenger route Great Western Express Paddington-Redding I believe. The announcement of it has gotten me to preorder it and finally buy TSW. I can't wait! The detail of the trains on steam already look amazing! Here is the link to the steam page :D

http://store.steampowered.com/app/57735 ... n_Express/

Edit: The video on the steam page doesn't seem to be working I don't know if its just me so heres the link to a video on their facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/railsimulator/ ... 273138091/
  by matt
Ive been playing Train Simulator World on Xbox One. Ive got most of the currently released DLC (NEC, Rapid Transit, GWE, Somerset), the graphics are nice and I enjoy driving on the NEC. I will be visiting the NEC in November for some railfanning if theres time